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Peach Tea (emmy_strange) wrote,
@ 2004-11-01 19:03:00
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    Random questions:

    1. my favorite sesame street character is: Cookie monster

    2. If i could be any super hero i would be: wonder woman.. so i can show my undies all da time ;)

    3. My hero is: my friends

     4. I think George Bush: is a petafile

    5. I'm allergic to: hmm nothing really

    6. I like the sound of: sorta classical music

    7. I hate the sound of: people yelling n screaming

     8. The person i love most in the world is: kat n tara

     9. A word of advice from me: Be yourself

    10. If i could become somebody else i would be: kat

    11. i think the hottest guy/girl is: hottest girl eva.. kitty kat!!!!

    12. I'll never be able to: seperate myself from my friends

    13. My greatest acheivement was: will always be.. to make my friends laugh.. coz its so neva happens

    14. My most embarressing moment was: wen i met kat.. haha jk

    15. If i could change 1 thing about my past life it would be: Wen i dont think things through and i stuff things up

    16. a) The worst thing about my appearence is: my tummy

    b)The best thing about my appearence is: um.. i like the feel of my hair, but not really tha look

    17. If i had a million dollars i would spend it on: my friends

    18. my favorite number is: 6

    9. the number i dislike the most is: 7

     20. I'll never be able to understand why: i do the things i do

     21. Kind: i like to think i am

    22. Yeilding: Waaat?!

    23. Agressive: not unless i am or my friends are threatned

     24. Secretive: if im told to be

     25. optimistic: all da time

    26. Sarcastic: i try

     27. boring: yeh most of tha time

    28. Smart: hahaha... plz

    29. funny: i try.. but wen i dont.. apparently i am

    30. atheletic: yeh right.. walk for a min and i need to stop

    31. list ten things you look for in a boy/girlfriend: funny, sweet, nice, cute, caring, thoughtful, loving, fun.. everything that clint is

    32. The thing i can't understand about guys/girls is: Some guys dont really think about wat we are felling or goiing thru

    33. my perfect 1st date is: at a hotel, at midnite, all dark wiv only the lite from the sunset.. and candles.. with a lil table for 2 to eat dinner. like soup or sumthing easy... and bread. wiv a lil alchol.. that tastes dreamy, like those rasberry crusiers

    34. my perfect wedding would be: in a beautiful garden, wiv sunflowers and all my friends n family.. in spring, wiv a view of the water.. nice perfect green grass wiv maybe a few daisy's or those wish flowers on the lawn

    35. the number of kids i plan on having is: 3

    36. Love or lust: Love and lust

    37. Personality or looks: personality but u also have to be attracted to the person

     38. do you want 2 get married? for sure

    39. would u eva have sex b4 marriage? hahaha... ehhhh

    40. Are u attracted 2 good boys/girls or bad boys/girls? good boys.. bad boys are cool to be wiv but feel so edgy around them

     41. my goal in life is: to run my own business and live in my own house, get married, have a cat.. and live happy and well off

    More Random Questions:

    42. the strangest thing about me is: everything.. i dunno

    43. My weirdest dream was: dunno

     44. I'll never be able to get over the time when: wen i hurt someone i really care about

    45. The best thing about my bedroom is: the colour and all the photos of my brothers n sisters

    46. The worst thing about my bedroom is: nothing... i luv my room

     47. My ideal pet is: a black cat

    48. The worst thing i ever did was: lets get not into that.. but it happened last yr.. kat n tara would kno

    49. Do you keep a diary? yeh just 2, my blurty.. and my private one in my room

     50. If you could visit one country, what would that be? Hawaii or italy

    51. Do you have a crush? hmmm

    52. Do you bite your toenails? eek.. no

    53.Do you brush your teeth every night? of course

    54. Do you make your bed every morning? haha yeh wateva.. wats the point?

    55. When did you last tell a lie? saturday

     56. What was the last promise you broke? saturday

    57. Have you ever asked somebody out? yehs

    58. Has somebody ever asked you out? yehp

     59. Have you ever had a broken heart? nope

     60. Have you ever been in love? yeh

    61. Do you beleive that true love conquers all? not really..

     62. Do you lick your bowl/plate after eating? hmmm if i make a cake.. i would

     63. Have you ever serverly hurt somebody? like... how? umm... i pushed tara down the stairs?

    64. I'll never be able to forgive myself for: Umm wen ive hurt someone or done something stupid

    65. How many funerals have you been to? three or four

    66. How many weddings have you been too? two

    67. I'll understand the opposite sex when: its too late

    68. Insects are: scary

    69. I will always love: My friends

    70. My fondest memory is: wen i was in tassie and the world was at my feet.. as such :P

    im sorry for all that i have done wrong, like to my friends, n family.. for all the trouble i hav ever caused! i neva intend to hurt anyone, esp those who i care about those the most.. kat, tara n clint
    those 3 are the people that matter most in my life and without them i dont kno how i would be able to manage. i luv them so much and i hope that i will be wiv them forever and ever and ever and ever.. even wen im like 40 i wish that i will still kno them and love them..
    its sad wen u lose friends.. and u think of the past and realise how things could have been different if only u changed one thing.
    and u think, that, that one thing that had happened could have made a huge difference.. just to say that u loved them or just to let them kno that they meant the world to me!!

    no one should feel so bad that they are hurting so much inside.. it just shouldnt happen, and everyone should be able to talk to someone, wether it is a friend, family member or a random person.. becoz it makes a difference in the end. becoz without really knoing it.. they tell u something that is so unlike anything that u would have thort of.. everything can be solved, it only takes n effort!!!
    luv u soo much sweeety!!!!

    xxxxxxx :)

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