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Emily (emly725) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 20:15:00
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    The retirement home formerly known as Manor House
    Excerpts from a delicious conversation
    between Little meredith
    and myself.

    eyeheartsparks: me llamo inigo mantoya

    eyeheartsparks: mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    eyeheartsparks: (short o sound!)

    eyeheartsparks: i did find it odd when you said you were in love with her
    eyeheartsparks: she's married, you know.
    eyeheartsparks: and...
    eyeheartsparks: she's your sister.
    Emly725: WHAT?
    Emly725: hahaha
    Emly725: i was trying to think who it was that i said i was in love with
    eyeheartsparks: hehehehehehe
    Emly725: and i was actually beginning to feel a bit sad because i thought, "whoever it was that i said i'm
    in love with, for God's sake, she's married!
    Emly725: i was like, crap, you just dropped a bomb

    Emly725: "We all want to think that inner city gangs do pirouettes"
    Emly725: really, i do wish that people walked down the street like that and played basketball like that
    eyeheartsparks: they do
    eyeheartsparks: secretly.
    Emly725: you don't say "I'm gonna kill the mother fucker with fuckin machine gun cause he wont pay off that bet!" You say "Every puerto rican's a lousy chicken"
    eyeheartsparks: "here come the jets! With a capital J"

    Emly725: a mo sundae
    eyeheartsparks: yikes
    Emly725: heh heh
    Emly725: *sleazy laugh*
    Emly725: i'd even say chintzy.. if you can laugh, er chintzily
    Emly725: i think i just made a new word... chintzily
    Emly725: someday i hope to see it go into the oxford

    Well let's see, we've gone back to school, and you know, I really was expecting to have a good deal of fun when i returned, and I had a pretty bad day. Everything was just a hassle. It was so strange. I don't know. I got some yummy rain boots. And for this, I shall now write a poem.
    Yummy shoes. Yummy shoes.
    Yummy yummy yummy shoes.
    Shoes that are yummy.

    Danielle is going to move, and I am sort of sad. I only say sort of because i know she will still go to sanderson and I will still be able to hang out with her. If she went far away, i would be sad. But there's a possibility that she may go to ECU next year.

    Yesterday, I couldn't stand the rain.
    Why the hell couldn't it stop raining.
    I almost had an anxiety attack in the car.
    Barnes and Noble calmed me down.
    I believe I've gotten to the point where I realized it was stupid and childish to say I didn't like to read
    and that I could write even though I never read.
    Sure, I could write OK, but you have to read to write.
    Anyone who uses the word 'perhaps' cannot possibly think Holden is gay.
    Who cares anyway, except some stupid boys who think everything is gay.
    Tomorrow I have my first class with mr quinn. I am more than excited.
    I want to have four dogs or cats or birds or something and name them Allie, Holden, D.B, and Phoebe.
    How lovely? And then when stupid people come to my dinner parties or cocktail parties then they will say,
    "Why did you name them THAT?"
    Or maybe I'll have a bird and a dog and a cat and, I don't know, a snake.
    The snake will be Allie. Allie is a funny name for a snake.
    My mom is on the phone with Jenny, thanking her for the CD.
    I miss Pete and Pete. I hope you get me tapes or dvd's of it for my birthday.
    Yes, you. You know who you are.
    I like reading.
    I hate writing pointless essays
    I'm about to bs one about heroes.
    I just bs'd one for "in service of music"

    Sarah and i think babies should grow in nuts and a farmer would come and pick one and put it in a giant nutcracker to get the baby out. Then it would be catapulted into an outfield filled with future-mothers with baseball gloves that accomodate baby nicely with a pillow. They would beat each other up for the good babies, just like the throwing of the bouquet.
    Oh, and she danced with me to "All Night Long" Finally. Someone.

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