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Creative Penname Here (emerald_light) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 21:49:00
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    Gah. I keep forgetting to update.Well, but really forgetting so much as being too lazy to. Hm.

    I have midterms next week. I can feel the panic attack coming on now... XD Math'll be fine. So'll French. The only two classes I've gotten constant A's on everything. History I have to do well to bring up my grade. It's a 79, which I'm fine with, really, because it's almost a B, but my parents'll get mad. I should really start remembering to do my homework for that class. Science I have to MEGA study starting today. or tomorrow. or maybe the next day. English'll be fine. I'm only getting a C/B because I suck at essay writing because my middle school sucked and never had us do anything.

    I have a gym final. How messed up is that?

    I've been thinking too much lately again. When I think too much I start worrying too much, which leads into a sort of paralysis wherein I lay on my bed and read. For hours. And forget to eat and do my homework. Odd, I know. <_< i've="I've" everything,="everything," hate="hate" do="do" *ahem.="*ahem." lately="lately" to="to" say="say" i="I" when="when" it="it" for="for" searching="searching" meanings,="meanings," that.="that." people="people" overanalyse="overanalyse" everything="everything" hidden="hidden" but="But" begun="begun" and="and" Dear Elise. Either get off your ass and do something about it or stop obsessing! People don't automatically hate you! Sincerely, your superego, who is about to murder your id.

    Yes. Rue the day I learned several useful psychology terms! XD

    During a discussion in the fairly non-existant anime club today (the yu-gi-oh and magic players now outnumber us three to one) we were joking about the voices in our heads. "My Voice has the shortest attention span ever. It tells me 'Light that on fir--is that a soda? I thought we were all out!'"

    And from a discussion in French. "My butterfly'll mow down your frog with it's super eye lasers of death!!"

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