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embroiderydigitizing (embroiderydigit) wrote,
@ 2012-05-25 09:07:00
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    According to analysis of relevant reports
    LED signs

    According to analysis of relevant reports, in the Czech Republic shares in the year 2008 total revenue was 52 6.0429 million yuan, to the year 2009, this figure is 46 5.5744 million yuan, down 11.49 percent year on year. Its main business income was down 24% in 2008, operating profits are negative for two years. A subsidiary of the futures business support in the Czech Republic in 2008 amounted to a profit of 4.662 million yuan, the data also revealed a fraction of that profit means, but the annual statistics of the profit in 2009 amounted to -7 5.4539 million yuan, up down 614.62 %. Although the loss is the major companies in the industry over the past two years show the general situation, but the company's specific situation is different. embroidery digitizing

    Two years before, in the Czech Republic can be described as "internal and external problems." The market report shows the performance drop, while in the Czech Republic in the domestic market share of industrial sewing machines are also encountered intense competition for competitors. In particular, the computer sewing machine market, peer enterprises newcomer force, and the market growth rate significantly, to the Czech Republic caused some market pressure.LED Writing Board

    In 2008, when the financial crisis sweeping the globe, major shareholders in the Czech Republic also be exposed regarding the illegal occupation of funds, making the company into a "dilemma", but also to the Czech Republic since its inception the company has brought the most severe test. Punishment affected by the SFC, the Czech Republic, key members of the board changes, new leadership in the crisis into the public view. To cope with the negative impact of financial crisis and other issues, in the Czech Republic to start from the inside to rectify the adjustment was relatively quiet outside.LED Message Board

    As the company can be released by the reduction of foreign, especially large shareholders, after tying up funds for the incident be exposed, the outside world began in the Czech Republic's future multi-party speculation. Industry in the Czech Republic for a time on the rumors, such as in the Czech Republic will be the main business from the sewing machine industry to other industries, such as sewing machines in the Czech Republic will no longer produce the wild speculation in the outside world ... ... the same time, macroeconomic and industrial sewing machines not clear the market rebound of the situation within the company is also showing some weakness, and communication between dealers have also been reduced, the sensitivity of the market response is also greatly reduced. Arrested in the Czech Republic, internal management measures to address the financial crisis, a series of bottlenecks in the development also will be exposed.

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