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.:.[ Phantasmagoria ].:. (embracethechaos) wrote,
@ 2005-02-05 10:18:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:"Without Me" Eminem (Lol its old, I know)

    Dating again
    Bonjour, Monsieur Journal Thingy!

    Ca va? Moi? Tres bein, merci! Il est un beau jour, au jourd hui! ( How are you? Me? I am very well, thank you. It is a beautiful day, today! If I spelled day right. =))

    Anyhow. It really is pretty outside. Our high today is supposed to be in the mid/upper 50's. The sun is shining its little heart out. Aww.

    I don't think I have posted to let you in on how my classes are going. I added a minor in psychology so now, I have an extended major (which counts as a major and a minor) another minor, and a certification to teach high school English, which might as well be considered a minor. Blah! I love my two psychology classes this semester. One of them is abnormal psychology with Dr. Lynn Clark. I think he is great. He has all these funny stories to tell about each disorder that we study. (Especially Schizophrenia) My other psychology class is "The Psychology of the gifted and creative" Its actually kind of interesting, and the professor in there is also a very good one. She is Dr. Anne Rinn. I expected her to be old or something, but shes probably not much older than I am, and already has her PhD in the area. Shes a really fun professor, and she knows her stuff. I also have 2 English classes, British Literature and English Language, which basically is grammar (yuck). Anyhow, the semester seems like it will be pretty fun. I'll let you know again when I have to prepare for all 4 finals on the same day. Eww.

    Something has come to my attention and it is very annoying. I am afraid that I used to be like this when I was younger, but I seriously hope not. There is this lady who is going to be graduating this year from high school. I have been friends with her for a long long long time, since 2002. (Okay so it hasnt been that long... seemed like forever.) She has an online journal, like me, and she writes these sob stories about how her life is a living hell and how no one appreciates her and everyone hurts her all the time and stuff. Its like she sends people to read her journal just to get their pity. Its so fucking annoying though. >.< How do you respond to someone who constantly looks to you to inflate their ego? I don't know how many times I can tell someone they are great/super/wonderful/beautiful/smart etc etc. She is all that but come on! And she has been through so many boyfriends since I have known her. She will date like 3 guys at a time and proclaim her undying love and devotion for each of them, one after another. Then, when they found out she was cheating, they left her, and she was in a state of self pity because she took them leaving as a sign that she was a bad person. >.< Does anyone else see the humor in that? So she goes through men like crazy, but just one at a time now, as far as I know. So she will date someone for 2 weeks, break up, and you would think she had ended a marriage or something. I might have been bad, but not THAT bad.

    I really shouldn't make fun of people, or else my own love life will start to crumble.

    So, as the title to this entry says, I am going on a date tonight. Its kinda sweet that he is dating me, since we never really dated before we got married. We just kinda sat at the house. :: snore :: My cousin spent the night with my husband last night. They stayed up late playing playstation. Hehe. Its like a sleepover that a 9 year old has... they stay up late and play their little video games, and then they wake up early and play all day till one little boy has to go home to mommy. xD

    I was at home last night for like, 5 hours all alone. I was really looking forward to having the house to myself, but when I realized I was there, bored shitless, I was ready for some company. I did, however, watch Vanity Fair, the new Reeses With-a-fork movie (lol for those of you who are slow, thats Reece Witherspoon... or whatever her name is). The night wasnt a total waste, I suppose.

    I really really really wanna go see Hamlet tonight at the live theatre. However, I guess I am stuck to just the dinner part of dinner and a movie type dating. Maybe next weekend. :: nods ::

    Thats all I can think of. Later, Mr. Journal Thingy.


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