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Kevin (emailtofax) wrote,
@ 2011-12-08 22:07:00
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    Sending Faxes Through Your Email Account
    If your office wants to save money while making sure that essential documents get to their destination as fast as possible, then your office needs to invest in a fax to email service. This service will allow senders of faxes to send documents directly to your email account or to an online account where you can quickly download and print the said documents. This increases efficiency of business processes and also aids in cutting down costs. One clear illustration wherein offices would be able to save money is that they would not need to purchase a fax machine or lots of paper. Usually, offices already have a printer, and it would also have a steady supply of paper. If a fax machine is utilized in the office, then the purchase of the machine would cost some money. And, the machine would also require another set of paper, separate from that used by the printer.

    Offices subscribing to a fax to email account would be able to save money since they will not need to purchase the equipment and the paper. It is also one way of being more accountable with its duties towards the environment. When the demand for paper is reduced, then it also follows that lesser natural resources would be used. The most noticeable resource that is saved is trees, since these are the main sources of paper. By not consuming plenty of paper at the office, a number of trees are also saved in the process. In fact, there are now many businesses that have made the first steps to become a paperless working environment.

    When you have lots of paper at the office, you are also elevating the amount of clutter in the place. You only have two options when it comes to paper, it’s either you keep it or trash it. The lesser amount of paper at the office, the lesser amount of trash. This also indicate that you could now give up using those bulky file cabinets that store a lot of documents. These file cabinets also cost businesses money, and even the file clerk would need to be given salary as well. Some offices may not have file clerks, but then, it is indisputable that filing tasks could use up employees’ resources. Keeping lots of papers is a tedious task, and in fact, most of these papers are utilized or referred to only once. Because of all these, it is just right for a business to cut paper usage at the office.

    Another avenue where a fax to email service aids in saving money for a company is when offices need to send or receive fax from overseas. With traditional fax machines, a business must have long distance service installed before a fax could be sent from overseas. In this scheme, international fees are also utilized. There is also no assurance that the phone lines could cope with fax transmissions done overseas. However, when a fax is sent to your email account, you would be able to get it no matter where you are or what time of day, and without the accompanying high fees of a long distance account. And of course, documents are sent and received in a quick and efficient manner.

    Now you see these wonderful reasons why it is just but sensible for businesses to invest and subscribe to a fax to email service.

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