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Emmilicious (em_me) wrote,
@ 2003-02-23 04:07:00
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    Wow, so I just tried to write about my day today in LJ, and I ended up babbling about Chris again. Jeez. Am I really that pathetic? Why yes, I suppose so. I forgot to mention that I looked up our relationship today when I was at the house, and that our best is Love. Go fucking figure. I don't want to get all sad and stuff now, tho, so I'll do my best to not type about that. If you're interested in it, you can read my LJ if you haven't already.

    Quick update on the day... as quick as I can do it.

    Woke up at noonish to go to Mom's. She was having a tupperware party, and I'd told her I'd go. Matched Lisa for eating our body weight in soup and salad.

    Hung out with Lisa, Dave, Alli, Dee, and Alex after taking a nap at mom's. Ate dinner and had an ice cream smorgasborg. Or however it's spelled. Made it out of there with some blueberry cheesecake ice cream and coconut sorbet. Can't beat that. Well, yeah I could. Into submission. With a spoon no less.

    Slammed my leg in the door of my car, and it still hurts fucking bad. Found out my favorite swear word is Fuck. Like this is news, but I know for a fact now. After I'd slammed my door, every expletive-deleted word was that. In some form or another.

    Went to Spanky's with Ami, Freaky, and Kari later on. Had a few Killian's. Yummy goodness. Saw some guy get pantsed. Funny shit. He was kinda cute too, but alas, I am in like. I was all flirty tonight, but flirty is totally different than some other ways I could be. Heh. Not getting into that whole shpeal again. Once again, read the LJ if interested.

    I'm going to try to type entries in both this and LJ instead of c/p-ing them.

    Wow, Drive is playing some kick ass music tonight. First Rancid and now Cake. "Take the time to get to know me, if you want me why can't you just show me. We're always on this roller coaster, if you want me why can't you get closer." Such a good song.

    I think that's pretty much it, and I should get to bed soon, so I'll be going now.

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