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Emmilicious (em_me) wrote,
@ 2003-02-22 04:45:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself

    Cross posting because I really need to go to bed
    Chatting with Don right now. This is good stuff.

    I didn't get to see Chris tonight. ::sigh:: He ended up getting called in Sat morning instead of Sunday. He should be getting up in about 2 hours. If I'm still online I hope he checks his email. Then I can at least wish him a safe journey up there and back. He's supposed to be back from this part on Monday night. He told me he'd call me when he gets back. I might leave school early so I can go see him before I go into work. I talked to him for a while tonight. That's how I found out he got called in earlier. He was packing, so I didn't keep him on the phone long. ::double sigh::

    Went and saw the Two Towers with Jay. It was really good, and I'm glad I actually saw this one before the next one was out. Like with the first one. Gha! I told Jason I wanted a golem for a pet. I think it's so ugly it's cute. Not to mention psychotic. I told Chris that and he laughed at me. He's so freaking cute. Chris. ::sighs again::

    After I talked to Chris for a while, and he told me about the change and plans, I went and OD'ed on chocolate. Then I felt dirty. Dee was totally relating to me. She's so cool. She was all, eating a lot of chocolate is like having really good sex with a stranger. It's good, but you feel dirty afterwards. Lol. I'm hanging out with her, Lisa, Dave, and Alli tmw night, which should be a lot of fun.

    Went over to Freaky's after I left mom's house. She treated me to a few safety meetings, and taught me how to play dominoes the right way. Hell yeah. It was great. I need to get a set of bones for my place. Yep yep.

    Ok, so I'm going to be girly, because as much as I hate to admit it, I'm pretty hung up on Chris.
    The off the wall things he says. How he wants to get a white van and paint "Free Candy" on the side of it. Makes me think of Kimmy and Jessika. The walking through the mall and grabbing food off of people's plates in the restaurants where the tables are near the walkways. When I'm cold and he lets me use his gloves and hat. That's so super freaking cute. The pictures I took of him on Wednesday night. Lol. Did I write about those? He was laying on the table and I told him I had to get some sexy pictures of him. I was all singing Steely Dan when I was taking them too. Heh.

    Gha. I should really shut up now and go to bed. Like something fierce. It's almost 5 now. Holy shit. Night.

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