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Sari (elvishorli13111) wrote,
@ 2003-01-29 15:43:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:"Tragic" - Erasure

    Yeah, Im really annoyed right now. Ah. I hate it when you just want to break down and cry but you cant. There is SO much going on inside here *points to head* that its driving me INSANE! BAH! Theres school, then theres college, and scholarships, and financial aid, and the business, and my site, and my plans and my friends and boys....

    Boys... Yeah, I sorta like 2 guys right now but i dont... theres this frosh in my theatre class and for some reason he just comes off as being attractive and i dont know why. This is so wrong for me to say, since im a senior. But hes kinda like the 'dark and mysterious' type... and then theres this guy in my photo class that is kinda gorgeous but i think hes a stoner. he used to sit next to me but someone stole his seat today so he sat across from me. Its a small class. He kept looking at me for some reason too. bah, boys! I tell yah.

    then theres tom. last night i did a form for him for the business and apparently i complained too much about being tired... BAH. He was upset too about the fact that i was too tired to do the form but not too tired to have a friend come over and watch black hawk down... but i DID WHAT HE WANTED and hes STILL not happy! >_< Fecking parents. They just dont understand. Ahh...

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