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elvia vogel (elviavogel) wrote,
@ 2011-04-16 08:57:00
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    Increase Your Drill Press
    A drill press is indispensable in any store, but there are a lot of fixtures obtainable commercially, or that can be shop developed, that will improve creation and accuracy. A cross feed table travels longitudinally and transversely on X-Y axes, and provides accuracy in a couple of thousandths of an inch, significantly like you would assume on a milling machine. Whilst some milling operations can be done on woods and plastics, do not attempt to mill metals in a drill press. Metal machining calls for a machine with far more inherent stability than you will uncover in most drill presses. Mixture devices are obtainable, even so, that can be employed each as a drill press and as a milling machine, and these can be employed for metals.

    A mix rotary table that can be utilised vertically or horizontally is a nice addition, specifically if a whole lot of precise radial orientation is necessary, and when employed in conjunction with a cross feed table, an infinite quantity of hole patterns is accessible. Some rotary tables come with dividing plates that give unparalleled accuracy.

    If you have a three jaw lathe chuck, you can chuck a piece of round stock that will fit into your drill press chuck, and location it on your drill press table. With the drill press turned off, carry the chuck down over the round stock and tighten the drill press chuck. This will locate the center of the lathe chuck right beneath the drill press chuck, and the lathe chuck may possibly then be clamped to the drill press table. Any spherical stock positioned in the lathe chuck will then be centered, and this will be genuine as long as the table is not swung out of spot.

    A lot of jigs and fixtures can be store created to adapt your drill press to your person needs, such as, finding fixtures for repeat or creation programs, vee blocks for drilling round stock, and centering fixtures for drilling holes in the ends of spherical stock, just to title a few. For ease of machining, wood might be used for brief run programs, but use aluminum or steel with hardened drill bushings, for longevity.

    For illustrations and complete recommendations for building a number of jigs and fixtures, I have published an e-book called Maximizing Your Drill Press, and it will be obtainable quickly at my eBay store, "Gazillion ebooks". Duplicate and paste this URL into your browser to see all of my books.

    Drill Press Tables
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