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elvia vogel (elviavogel) wrote,
@ 2012-01-05 19:23:00
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    Headlines Ron Paul Became Worse Than Obama
    The headlines come in every day. It isn't entirely clear when this happened, but it happened. To every prominent Republican and �Conservative�, Ron Paul became worse than President Obama. It is easy enough to see what happened with establishment Republicans. No breaking news there. Both the Democrat and Republican party establishments clearly support larger and more powerful federal governments. One party gave us the Department of Homeland Security and the other gave us Obamacare. One party exploits the poor and the other bails out the wealthy. Their separation from Ron Paul is obvious. What is peculiar is the extreme dislike of Ron Paul by all the largest brand named conservatives. Hannity is - at best - cordial to Ron Paul. Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck, and even Savage are completely opposed to him. What is it? Ron Paul wants to cut the size of government. He wants to drastically cut spending. He wants to eradicate the debt. He despises redistribution of wealth. He repeatedly asserts that AIDS victims should pay for their own illness because STDs are self-inflicted. He continues to make headlines by being completely opposed to restrictions on individual liberties and powerfully in favor of personal responsibility. He talks of the Constitution as if he were there at the signing (obvious opening for a cheap joke there�) . Their supposed top issue with Ron Paul is his alleged weakness on military defense. Specific to world news events, the celebrity conservatives are uniformly against Ron Paul�s refusal to declare war with or impose sanctions upon Iran in order to prevent them from gaining a nuclear weapon. That is ostensibly their top issue, such that none of them can even consider supporting Ron Paul. Consider this for a moment. If Romney gets the nomination, all Republicans are expected to get in line and support him even though he unwittingly provided the framework for Obamacare. If Gingrich gets the nomination, all Republicans are expected to get in line and support him even though he endorses the Man Made Global Warming-Cooling-Climate Change mantras. If Perry gets the nomination, all Republicans are expected to get in line and support him even though he wants every Texan to involuntarily subsidize illegal aliens so that they can attend school for less than a legal U.S. citizen from Virginia. So in all those cases and more, Republicans are expected to hold their noses if necessary and vote Republican. So why does that not apply for Ron Paul? If they supposedly support all of the other positions he stands for, can�t they look past the military posture as a single point of disagreement? Here's the real headline. I think their national defense argument is a cop-out. It�s a lie. It�s something bigger. I think it�s because they know Ron Paul would actually move forward with all his convictions. The Patriot Act and Obamacare would both dissolve. Each places the vast majority of their power in the Executive Branch. Both parties want that power when it is their �turn�. Ron Paul would simply not use Department of Homeland Defense, the Justice Department, and the Department of Health and Human Services to those ends. He could simply zero out their budget submissions and terminate each on the spot. Regarding National Defense, the real question is not what to do to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. The real question is what do you do when they prove they have one? Do you go to war? On what grounds? Yes, Iran hates Israel. Has anyone checked how much North Korea hates Japan? Iran can�t even hit the U.S. directly. North Korea and China can. Why Iran? Is it a Muslim extremist thing? No; Pakistan has nukes and they are not a demonstrably moderate Muslim nation. Besides, Israel could turn Iran into a glass cube. So what is it? The National Defense argument doesn�t hold. Does Guantanamo ever close? Is Europe able to take care of itself without dozens of U.S. bases?Can we ever take a toiletry kit in a carry-on bag for a flight? Can mega-corporations suffer the consequences for their risks and file for bankruptcy? These are Ron Paul�s bold questions. It seems odd that his answers run into such opposition by the most prominent �Conservative� voices. This suggests something deeper. It has nothing to do with National Defense. That is a smoke screen. This is about the religious right-wing. This is about abortion. Ron Paul is dead set against having the Federal Government restrict individual liberties. He is ok with State level restrictions; he is simply against Federal restrictions. The celebrity �conservative � voices want abortion outlawed at the Federal level. They know they will never get that through the Supreme Court. However, they know they can make that a de-facto restriction via the Health Care Reform Act. The Health Care Reform Act will ultimately provide the power for the Executive Branch to fund, fine, and restrict any range of activities in the name of health care and cost-savings. People, particularly �liberals� who supported the Act have no idea what can befall them when Executive Branch allegiances change. Republicans want their turn with that power. Ron Paul doesn�t want that power for anyone. Yes. That is what it is. It�s a shame, really. This is breaking news for some and routine news for long-term Ron Paul supporters.
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