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Shanna (elsproutivo) wrote,
@ 2003-05-04 22:14:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:trapt-stories

    my freakin weekend...
    let's see...friday...i did absolutely nothing...well actually after school molly came over and then we traded pants and then went to home depot and then costco...yummy costco...and then we came home and i drove her back to school to get her car...and then i came back home...and did nothing...just took a nap and watched some good ol television...went to sleep kinda early...i was feeling pretty depressed so i just kinda became hermit like and like didn't move at all unless i was getting food or like getting in and out of bed...
    saturday...woke up at like 11...then did some homework here and there...talked to j.r...took a shower...did some math yeah...and then told my parents me and j.r were gonna go see a movie in westwood...instead went to his house cuz his parents weren't lost on the way to his house...god damn construction...finally made it to his house after much confusion...we decided to watch x-men...didn't really see much of it...ahem ahem...cough cough...yeah anyways...let's just say if wasn't such a god damn girl it would have been a lot more fun...but hey...i'm not was loads of i chilled at his house till like 11.15 and then drove home...
    today...had to take another 3 hour a.p practice shit...then came home and then my parents went to a museum for like 5 hours so i got to chill at home...but i actually had work to do which i finished like an hour ago...and now i have to clean my room but instead of that i am typing this...which is really wasting my time but yeah...whenever my room gets so incredibly messy i don't want to clean there is this certain point where my room is just too messy to sometimes i don't mind cuz i get ocd moments and i like have to clean...but it's so fuckin messy i just want to leave it how it is...but if i did my mom would kick my's gonna take like half an hour...bla stupid crap...god school needs to be over...i can't last anymore!!!!....aaaahhhhh!!! (me screaming)...ok...i should really clean my room cuz i want to sleep tonite...doesn't look like that will be happening since my room is such a fucking mess...and ants have decided to invade my room...they're like in my bed and stuff...i've killed about 15 in the past 5's's cuz the rain stopped and after rain all the ants come out and they decided to come out in my room...they are so annoying!!...ok enough of my venting about ants in y room...ok!...gonna go attempt to clean room now...

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