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Els-chan (els_chan) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 10:58:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:The Good Ship Snapledore - GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

    This is why I shouldn't let my brain out unless it's on a short leash...
    For those of you who saw the Simpsons, JKR cracks on Mary-Sues! And then there's the slashed gentlemen! Could it be an omen? ...Don't I wish...


    So before bed last night, I was contemplating the likelihood of various pairings. Then otakuqueen called and we ended up contemplating together. Somehow this got into a discussion of the various ships, which led to discussing the shippers, which somehow led to the disturbing conclusion that the Harry Potter fandom is like a musical and each ship should have its own songs. >_< I hate my brain.

    They weren't too bad, until we got to Snapledore and all hell broke loose.

    "It's the goooood ship Snapledore..." (Like "The Good Ship Lollipop")

    I think Snaco and Harry/Draco ended up with a translated J-Pop song. A BADLY translated J-pop song. Not even so much translated or a J-pop song as we strung words together and put them to the tune of "Fruits Candy" from Card Captor Sakura. >_< I really hate my brain.

    At least the Snarry one was fairly normal, but was directed more at the Snarry shippers than the ship itself. You know, that "I will go down with this ship" song that I can't remember the actual name to or the made me think of hp_dungeons (over on LJ). You know, what with the Snarry ship having never left port because her crew was kidnapped by the Snaco ship.

    So finally I get to sleep. And have a nightmare with Dumbledore in a pink, yellow, and purple sequined leotard tap dancing with a big container of sherbet lemons and singing the new Snapledore theme song with a giant curly red wig upon his head. Lovely.

    I really, really, REALLY loathe my brain.

    In other news, I go in for an interview for a new job today. It's at Suncoast. Oh, God, I hope I get it. *crosses fingers*

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