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Elissa (elissaphant) wrote,
@ 2003-05-13 14:46:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:Cat Stevens-here comes my baby

    You're about to enter a world of pain...
    Second day of class today. Second day and i didn't go. Well let me back up a bit. So i did indeed pass my classes. I am officially a student did the whole orientation thing and then attempted to sign up for classes. However in my inexperience with summer classes i did realize that they would be four or five days a week. I just thought that they would be like 3 times a week for several hours. So in order to keep my job i had to find a class that was early in the morning. I tried some psychology classes, a stats class and some other ones but they were all full. So i ended up taking an 8 a.m jogging class. I went on monday for the first meeting and found out that today we were supposed to have a "fitness test". The fitness test was a 1.5 mile run to see how long it took us to finish it. I made myself go run/walk around lake alice last night to make sure i wasn't going to die and be totally humiliated during the fitness test. As it turns out i did indeed out myself in a world of pain, not really with the running but with the crippling migraine. Needless to say i was up til 4 struggling to get to sleep and didn't make it to class. In fact my head didn't start to feel better until around 2 this afternoon. I wonder whether i should do another run tonight. I know i will never learn.

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