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Sondra (element_demon) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 20:47:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    New Years.
    New Years was so much fun. It was about 5 and I went over to Megan's because Allison called me from there and was like come over. So I said ok we we played games and I took Allison to get Chinease food and then we went to K-Mart and CVS to get pop and chips and stuff for later. Then I dropped them off back at Megan's and I had to go home to eat dinner. then I went back and later I took Allison home to change and then everyone came over that was gonna be there. It was me Megan Allison Marika Mallory Marissa John Matt Rich Craig and Chad.... I think that was it. But we played Video games and played Catch phrase or whatever it is called... it was fun... but playing with it for like 4 hours is not. We ended up going through all of the words by like 6. But yeah we ended up celebrating New Years 3 times because the clocks were all different. lol. Then around 1ish Kinzie and Javid came and then later Megan and Kinzie went to bed and then Allison did but she wasn't sleeping long because we were playing that catch phrase game and I guess we woke her up... but we were loud lol. Then it was about 7 and we were like lets go to BK and get breakfest... so we all walked to BK except for Megan and Kinzie and we got there and they were closed. The sign said they opened at 10... so we walked back to Megan's and needed something to do for 3 hours... Then Allison was telling us that when she was trying to fall asleep she heard a call phone ring and stuff and Javid was like yeah I heard poeple talking so John grabds 2 steak kinvies and goes outside then like a few seonds later comes back in and was like I heard stuff so Craig and chad go with him and me Allison Mallory and Javid go outside. Thye were saying they see and shadow in the camper so we are all looking in so I go in with this big flashlight and John and Craig come in... I don;t remeber if Chad did but i think it was just them two and I was getting ready to look under the bed and the light goes out... so yeah there was screaming and then they ran ou and I came out and shut the door and they were like did you look unde the bed...ecause I dondt get to look there or in the bathroom so i go back in and nothing was there. I told them that and they look around and me Allison and Mallory go into the lot and John Craig and Chad run to come with us and then they left Javid all alone by the hgouse and then we walk all the way to the other side of the lot and we are like no one is here so we started wlaking back and Javid comes and wa slike I heard stuff... and it was all icy and he slipped and stuff but we were saying it woudld be so freaky if someone right now just came and tackled him while he was wlking towrds us... but then we all went inside and watched the tape because Mallory was recording everyting... and we watched the part where they thguh there was someone in the camper and it was freaky because you see this shadow move insode it... I think it was there shadows cuz the light from the flashlights... but yeah it could be a ghost... never know. so the after that Chad was playing video games and at about 9 we all fell asleep and woke back up at 10 and only me Allison and John went to BK and they wern't even selling breakfest... so we went to McDonalds... but BK is better. Then I took John and Allison home and I went to bed when I got home. I woke up at about 5:30 and we all went back to Megan's to look for the ghost and I broght my oujai board but i had to take Erica and Javid home at 11 and when I got back like 5 minutes later they were all back insode since we were all in the camper and they were playing video games and I was like what did you guys give up... and they were like yeah and I was like gay and I wanted to do the Oujai borad. lol. Oh well... maybe we will do it sometime again. So yeah we played video games and stuff for th rest of the night and then we went home. It was really fun though.

    Today I went shopping with Lindsey and I bought a lot of stuff... new hoodie and shirt... Yu Yu Hakusho DVD...and stuff like that. thats about all that happened today... I need to do my homeowk so I don;t have to do it all tmorrow. I guess we are supposed to get a lot of snow tomorrow and stuff... it would be so cool if we had a snow day monday.... and tuesday. lol. But yeah I think I'm gonna type my American Lit paper to get that out of the way. Later.


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