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Sondra (element_demon) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 16:31:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Linkin Park-Hit the Floor

    So yeah... friday we had a half day of school and me Allison and John went to sorrentoes for lunch and then Katie came and then Marika and Rob came. After that we went to Rob's for a little while and then I picked up Michelle and we all went to go see Lord of the RTings:The return of the King... and omg that is the GREATEST MOVIE EVER!... It was so good. Allison was like yeah your gonna cry... I got teary eyed... but I didn;t actually cry... but it was sad. but yeah I want to go see the movie again... and I don;t want LOTR to end lol. I want it to keep going. Then after that me and ASllisona dn Marika went to John's and we watched some tv and then we watched the Craft. Good stuff.

    So yesterday I had to work from 12-5. Went by kinda slow... wiched it closed eariler. Then at around 6:30 I went to Marika with John and Allison and Andrea was already there and we watched Brave Heart... I thought it was good... but I think Patriot is a better movie than Brave Heart. Then we finshed it and out in Patriot and I took Allison home at 11 and then I went back to Marika's and then I took John home at about 11:45.

    Today I went to work from 12-4... It was me Laura, Elisa, Stephiane and Eric... and it was the longest 4 hours of my life. It went by so slow. My mom is making cookies... don;t know if I want to... still mad at my mom. And she is bitching at Lindseyt right now... donm;t want to be around her. Never really do. ANYWAY... I'm gonna east in a few... so I'm leaving. Later.


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