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Scott Smith (el_cielo) wrote,
@ 2006-07-30 17:37:00
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    Current mood:Content
    Current music:Summer Tunes

    Well... What have I been up too.....
    My first post since December... Wow... Where has the time gone. Well from the last time we spoke it was "THE NIGHT". To finally say what it was, we got busted at the end of Harmony Rd. Now that the smoke has settled (No pun intended), I got nothing. Ted got a possession charge and Matty got intent to traffic. 4 Months house arrest and 5 curfew. His house arrest is over in exactly one week now. It all seamed to blow over fast. Thank god. I'm not sure how he's doing. He seems to be good, but I'm afraid he might get back into it. He claims he doesn't care about drugs anymore.... But we will see. I really hope so. I'm just afraid for that first day Matty is totally free. He said he will get high, but only do it like 4 times a year. And I'm afraid that first day he will like it too much and it will start again. I think he needs to get back into school. Forget this army nonsense. Everything changed in a New York minute that night. We all have grow up a lot from the event I think.

    Last time we spoke I was killing myself over feelings for some girl named Holly... Yeah, you remember her. Well those days have pasted and I now realize that she was never worth it. I am still single, but I am dealing with it better. Though I can't wait to leave Truro for school again. There are still a few demons here :P.

    My first year of University was great. I had lots of fun. There were a lot of annoying times, and times of home sickness. But I think overall it went well. I am looking forward to next year now. Though I still don't know where I am going to live :(.

    This summer has been kinda dull. Just workin.... It's kinda sucked. Salmon River won this thing called Hockeyville. That was a pretty big deal I guess. I was very happy/proud for Devin. But yeah that's it. only 5 weeks left till school. I gotta get on this rez thing right away.

    And PS: It's good to be back... and feeling well....


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