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Darkchild (ekibyougami) wrote,
@ 2006-05-29 12:28:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Amon Amarth - Versus the world

    New hair!!!
    I finally have my new hair cut!!!

    This is how it basically was...This photo is made in Paris btw, with a schoolfriend of me, Saskia.

    This is now, pretty short huh? Excuse for the lame background, it's my room that's still in a very childish state...

    From the side. Now you can see how short it is in the back and how long in the front.

    Another shot from the front. Damn my uglyness >.<

    Gha, I'm back to 59 kilo again. Not good, absolutely not good. I need more self control!!! But I had a pretty good weekend guess that's ok...

    Apart from a little thing that bugged me. My bf was here sunday. And we worked on my character for Dungeons and Dragons. There were some things you had to count (dice throws and such) and somewhere I had to count something like this: Blabla minus blabla = ?
    We all know what dislexion is isn't it? (people with difficulties with reading/writing)
    Well, there is a sort of counterpart with numbers instead of characters. Discalculi is it called. Unofficially I am diagnosed with that. It means that I have big problems with anything evolving numbers. Math, phone numbers, time everything. It sucks, honestly.
    So, I took my calculator. No matter how much I practice simple things like 125-42=? I just don't see it. It always takes me so damn long to find the right answer, if I find it.
    My boyfriend saw me and said; "You even use a calculator for that? No wonder you're bad with this and never will get better with it!"

    Ouch. That hurted. Cause this is not something that ever WILL get better, no matter how much I try...I can't help it that I can't do anything mathematical, it are some things in my brain that do not work how they should...

    Good, that being said,
    THURSDAY I GO TO GERMANY!!! To RAR, finally!
    Something else that's good about that is that we probably won't eat much those 4 days. Hah!

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