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tetsuo (einherjarsong) wrote,
@ 2005-01-11 15:30:00
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    Current mood:No words could describe it.
    Current music:Symphony X - Candlelight Fantasia

    When I pause for one breath...
    All things stop. My heart, my pulse...nothing beats, nothing moves...

    All there is, is you.

    Music fades into obscurity, a soft whisper I can't even hear. Echoes of roommates and friends, unnoticed by my ears. You are all I can see, hear, smell...feel. I close my eyes and let the darkness wrap itself around me. A single point of light stands in front of me, and it takes form. Spreading it's wings and raising it's head, I know those eyes. The smell of a soft rain fills my nostrils, enticing me into tranquility. You take my hand in yours, your aura slides up my arm and engulfs me. The violet-white light that emminates from you heals all my wounds. You smile and kiss me, our embrace beyond the words of mortals. The heavens quake and the angels sing as our lips touch. You are all I need.

    The gods know that all is well...

    My whole being is for you. I breathe for you. I bleed for you. I work, sweat, and toil for you. The tears I shed, the laughter that escapes my lips, the flood of emotions that sweep through me...they're all for you. I am, and always will be, for you.

    When you are happy, I know tranquility. When you are sad, I weep for you. When you are upset, I raze the heavens trying to find a cure for your malice. There isn't one thought, one feeling, one idea, one notion that doesn't center around you.

    Just 2 more days, and I'm on my way to you...

    Just 2 more days until I can be reborn, innocent and free. 2 more days until I can wash my sins away in your eyes and your touch. 2 more days until I can be baptized by your gentle kiss...

    I've done my pennance.

    And in just 2 days, I'll have found redemption.

    I love you.

    Always and forever,


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