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tetsuo (einherjarsong) wrote,
@ 2004-11-30 23:27:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:Stromkern - Terrorist

    Of samurai and sad geisha...
    My entire life, I dreamt of you. And, every morning, I would wake up in tears, thinking that you didn't really exist.

    My entire life, i longed for you. And, sometimes I thought I saw you across the way, but I knew I was mistaken.

    I've known those eyes my entire life.

    And I've always loved them.

    There was a time where I gave up. I simply stopped trying. All the discipline, the survival techniques, the martial arts training...nothing was going to save me from myself.

    Then, at a moment of intellectualization, I mention the Hagakure.

    And you appeared...

    Now I have you. I wake in the morning and smile, knowing you're real. I think you might be next to me, and you are. I know I can make it now. I'm no longer giving up.

    Like a beacon in the storm, you called to me...

    And, when I found you, the skies opened before me. The storm was over. It was at that moment that I knew...

    ...I had been forgiven...

    I brushed away my tears. Tears held back for ages. Never before had I felt a release. I knew, at that moment, that I was the warrior I had always trained to be. It's just that i was a ronin, a warrior with no clan, no purpose to uphold. I knew I had one now.

    That purpose was you.

    You're the goddess to which I pledge my life. You're the one that I pay tribute to. You're the one who fills my life with song and prose. I am your priest, your monk, your worshipper.

    And, I know it's the same in your eyes.

    We are our new religion. Worshipping each other in a cycle that can never end. Like the Ouroborus, we create a perfect circle. I give my life to you, knowing you give yours to me.

    We may have thought we were perfect before we met, but that was visions of grandeur.

    Perfection is not you and I, it is us.

    I love you with all my heart and soul.

    And as I sit here, typing, I know you're sitting here with me.

    The minutes are passing by, love. We'll be holding each other in no time. Just watch.

    Forever yours...


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