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eeesheeea (eeesheeea) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 11:43:00
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    Current mood: amused

    cousins wedding last weekend
    so Thursday night i met my parents at towne after i got out of work. semi tense dinner and then back to my apt. to crash. i fell asleep some time after 3 and woke up at quarter to 5. showered, put my things in the jeep and we left here around 6. dropped my car off for more repairs on the way. stopped twice and arrived in dayton around 2. could not sleep on the way. fathers cursing at traffic and construction kept waking me every time i started to doze off. got to the crown plaza, changed and headed off to the rehearsal. rehearsal went fine. started talking to the grooms cousin. turns out we had been at a bunch of the same events when we were teenagers and never met each other. ummmmm, two days around southern boys (grooms family is from tennessee), though most were very religious. my mother kept complaining and making me button up my sweater... because my navy dress showed too much cleavage. the rehearsal dinner was very nice and i drank so much. lost track after the 9th drink. spent time with my 2nd and 3rd cousins. after the rehearsal my dad took us to a bar and my mother, 3rd cousin and myself kept drinking. after waking up at 7 the next morning we had a huge breakfast. i have learned that my 2nd and 3rd cousins and myself actually get along well and all dislike our family equally!!!!! then it was wedding time. my cousin looked ok. the service was ok. hours of pictures. then off to the reception. band, dinner, dancing (my dad made me dance with him, though it was worth it because he told me he was proud of me.... and that i only get to hear once every 12 years). drank a good amount at the reception, my father decided i was more social when i drink, so he kept bringing me wine, sours, and manhattans :) hehehehehe..... alcohol the only thing that brings my family together. at the reception i saw him there, i knew i would. for the first time i had no regret. i had my chance when i was 16. i messed it up then. but when i saw him, i remembered the good and i knew this was how it needed to be. he was not who i needed him to be. he was my linton and time has changed things. i will refuse to make catherine's mistake (sorry, too many wuther heights references). i headed back to my room after the band started playing nelly. it was most definitely not getting hot in there. tried to sleep. couldn't so around 3 i went for a walk in the general area of the hotel. came back and watched war movies and walked on the tread mill. fell asleep around 4. up at 5:30 and drove home. grandmother rode with us back. had lunch at the gate and came home to sleep. family headed back to my home town. guess the wedding ran upwards of 70,000. that is insane if you ask me. but then again... no one did. so now i'm home and grateful to be back.

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