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Amanda (uhmanduh) wrote,

    what works for me
    Well i'm probably not the best candidate to give you good advice on this topic seeing how ever since i met you I've been getting B's.. except for in bio but thats because i like that indian. haha I could tell you this to your face, but i think comments are fun. Anyhoo the best thing to do for yourself in my eyes is to shut up. As in.. shut AIM off.. shut the phone off and shut your computer off. I know that seems almost impossible, but seriously.. we have too much technology at our fingertips and it causes us to procrastinate. Maybe you should go back to dial-up. I find it so much easier to get my work done when i'm sitting in a quiet room. I also absorb more knowledge doing my assignments earlier because i have the time to reflect on what i'm actually accomplishing. If you wait until the last minute you are cheating yourself because you are more focused on that deadline than the importance behind why you were given the assignment in the first place. Believe it or not, sometimes professors give work that is actually supposed to teach us something. From what i've seen you just like your toys too much and nobody can stop you from dicking around. You get by just fine, but i know you feel like you're cheating yourself. Lastly, i find it helpful to talk myself through everything i do. It keeps me organized. Oh pookie shmookie cupcake baby lover muffin don't worry yourself too much. Thats the one thing you have helped me to do... relax. I don't mind getting B's (gee i sound like a dork) because i know that it is ok now. Man you should have seen me last year. PSYCHOOOO haha i bet you love the multiple pet names huh sugar pie? haha i think i just embarassed you beyond return. check mate. -theder

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