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Sam (eclecticandshit) wrote,
@ 2007-08-15 19:41:00
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    Okay, I found this in my purse. I wrote it sometime during the school year. Obviously it's not based on personal experience, because it has never happend to me, nor have I ever felt this way about somebody. But it would be nice, wouldn't it?

    "There are a lot of things in life I do not know; like how to do a cartwheel, why cats are afraid of water, or why blue and yellow makes green. I've only been sure of one thing. Ever. My whole life I doubted myself, until you came along. I've never felt so sure or so right until that one precious day, freshly etched in my memory, when I looked into your deep brown eyes, and spoke those sacred three words. And when you said it back, my muscles relaxed, my jaw unclenched, my tongue falling softly back into its pallet, resting behind my teeth. You broke my heart that day, and it was right. I gave you a piece of my heart that I will never get back. I am with you forever. And then you gently pushed my hair behind my ear, and you cradled my face in your hands like I was fragile porclein. You looked into my eyes and leaned in. I close mine, and I swear, the world stopped. Your wet lips overcame my small, dainty mouth and I died. I died right there in your amrs and I am yours. Forever."

    So I'm really stupid and sappy. I'm sorry.

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