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Echo Schafer (echo_schafer) wrote,
@ 2003-03-26 17:36:00
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    Current mood:sad

    *sighs softly* I'm home. Back in Savannah. You know, it really does feel good to be back. To see old friends and people I've known my whole life.

    But I feel empty. I don't know.. I fell for him, I really did. I wanted nothing more than to be with him. And apparently he changed his mind. He just stopped calling.

    I don't know if I'll go back Coral. Maybe I'll stay here and go to school in Atlanta.

    *sighs and tries to blink away her tears* He told me that he didn't want to be another one of those guys that I start to like and then everything goes wrong. And then he told me that he wanted to be with me. Oh how could I have been so stupid. I've always known that I'm incapable of being loved. Why in the hell did I expect that to change with him.

    My Momma says she's worried about me. She says I haven't smiled once since I got here. I guess she's right. I haven't really noticed. I don't really notice much of anything.

    But.. I don't know. I guess I haven't been smiling. I don't feel happy anymore. There were a couple of days when I was overflowing with happiness. Right after he said that he wanted to be with me. And then.. he stopped calling. And I don't know why I'm reacting like this. We weren't even "together" .. but still, my heart is broken.

    I found love and lost it before I even had the chance to truly experience it.

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