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Lyndsey "LA" (easyaspiela) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 13:24:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:gangstas paradise

    Best three days of my life
    WOW WOW WOW allstate was the three most amazing days of my life!!!!
    it was a little shaky at first because me and anne were about an hour late, we thought they were gonna kick us out...but they didnt!!! the first night was really cool because we finally got to meet our conductor who was so amazing... he is a Doctor of music at the university if georgia...and he not only had perfect pitch and was an awesome musician, but he was SO funny as well

    that night we couldnt go on the boardwalk because it was raining, so we got a jam session together in the hallway and we sang some random songs, but it was really sweet because mike from monroe had his guitar and we all just sounded like a perfect stuido thats all i can say

    the second day was really intense, we had about 14 hours of rehersal i think...jason kept throwing things at will and the group of about 8 ppl sitting around me were so funny and nice!!! lunchtime was crazy...the core group (me anne, jason, will, bob, elena,mike, christina, paul, tom, zach i think im missing someone) we tried to find lunch but we onlyhad an hour so everyone ended up getting pizza slices 2 mins before the next rehersal was crazy...that rehersal was the longest one!! we played hackey sack in circles on break, and then we finally got to get dinner.... the monroe kids all went out to planet holleywood w/their teacher, and the rest of us went was realllllllly fun... me and zach played oneuponedown with jasonand mike that was fun!! the last rehersal that night was really short and we had 3 hours before checkin....we had yet another jam session, better than the first one i might add....we got more ppl and the harmonies were sooo tight.... i think we sang gangstas paradise about 8 times that weekend.... then we got ice cream!! me and jason mixed our ice cream..that was lots of fun! :) :) my roomates...suzie and jenne..those girls rock!!! oh that night was fun too because jason bob and mike all had their food stolen out of their room, and i knew who stole i went into the room of the ppl who had it, and i found all the food, and we stole it all back!!! the guys were so happy it was insane

    friday was concert kinda sucked to be in concert attire allll day, but i had a tie so it was all good...the borgotta was so incredibly amazing!! the theater we praticed in had great acoustics, and we didnt even have to sit in our seating chart bc no one cared!!! me and jason sat next to each other so i had someone to talk to....cell-phone- in-the-bag LOL...lunch was CRAZY...crazy because they gave us these huge sandwiches that no one could fit in their mouth, fake apples, and it was all in a satin bag!!! that we threw away!!!!
    then we broke rules and sat wherever we wanted..... yay

    DINNER at hooters whooooo that was so fun, and then we had our and jason wrote notes the whole time, which was cool....the concert was great and now i cant wait for NJPAC!!!!!!!!!!!

    why does it end????


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