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Erica Lynn (easilyamused70) wrote,
@ 2004-06-20 18:23:00
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    haha heres another one of these things.
    yes I got bored an found another one of these little question things so yea I answered it.

    Star sign >> libra
    birthday >> 10/01/89
    siblings >> none. yay!
    hair color >> blonde
    eye color >> brown
    height >> 5'07"
    piercings >> My ear
    tattoos >> No.
    shoe size >> 10

    ::: DO YOU :::
    drink >>No
    like the taste of alcohol:>>Yes.
    have a crush >> Yes.
    have a boyfriend/girlfriend >>Yes, Evan.
    talk to strangers >> Yeah.
    hate yourself >> Sometimes.
    hate people >> A few.
    sleep with a stuffed animal >> No.
    like school >> sometimes
    believe in magic >> No.
    believe in astrology >> No.
    believe in ghosts >> No.
    have secrets >> Yeah.
    want to go to college >> yes
    wish on stars >> yea
    take walks in the rain >> yes. alot, but not when its lightning, i scared of it. lol
    sing in the shower >> no
    like sarcasm >> um, yea.
    go to church >> only when made.
    pray >> No.
    hate your parents>> my mom only.
    like to be yourself >> Yes.
    take a shower everyday >> yea.
    want to get married >> Yeah.
    believe in yourself >> Sometimes.
    pull your hair >> Sometimes.
    drive >> yes, but not legally.
    share a room >> No.
    write poems >> No.
    write songs >> No.
    get motion sickness >> no.
    like thunderstorms >> yes

    ::: THIS OR THAT :::
    coke or pepsi >> coke.
    coffee or tea >> Vanilla Frapaccino.
    black or white >> I'm not rascist.
    hug or kiss >> Kiss.
    tv or computer >> Computer.
    email or aim >>AIM
    rose or lily >> Rose.
    math or history >> history.
    sweet or sour >> Sweet.
    club or house party >> House.
    drink or shot >>Shot.
    beer or shot >> shot.
    match or lighters >> Lighters.
    single or group dates >> Single.
    day or night >> Night.
    wicked witch of the east or west >> west cuase I like California.
    heaven or hell >> heaven
    make love or fuck >> make love
    swiss cheese or american >> Neither.
    gold or silver >> Gold.
    punk or emo >> emo
    hot or cold >> hot.
    dark or light >> dark.
    read or watch tv >> read.
    spring or autumn >> autumn.
    winter or summer >>summer.
    operas or plays >> Neither.
    cds or tapes >> CD
    dvds or vhs >>DVD
    old or new >> new.
    mexican food or chinese food >> Mexican.
    commericals or infomercials >> infommercials!
    cars or trucks >> trucks
    passionate kiss or peck >> passionate.
    back rub or foot massage >> back rub.
    picture frames or photo albums >> albums.
    pens or pencils >> Pencils.
    chocolate milk or hot chocolate >> chocolate milk
    ocean or pool >> Pool.

    ::: FAVORITE... :::
    color >> orange.
    type of music >> variety
    tv show >> The O.C.
    movie >> Shrek 2 (haha it was hilarious.)
    song >> The Reason- Hoobastank
    clothing store >> Pas Sun
    holiday >> Christmas.
    shoe store >> umm.
    day of the week >> Friday/Saturday
    month >> October.
    radio station >> I dont listen to the radio.
    cartoon >> Fairly Odd Parents
    pizza topping >> Pepperoni
    jello flavor >> Jello is icky.
    disney character > ummm.
    magazine >> Cosmo Girl
    season >>Summer. Didn't we do this?
    person to talk to online >> Kathleen. Evan. Alex. Kelly.

    ::: HAVE YOU EVER :::
    been in love >> Yes.
    lied >> um, duh.
    given someone a bath >> my dogs.
    bungee jumped >> No.
    broken the law >> Yes.
    fallen for the wrong guy>> um yea.
    cut your own hair >> Yes.
    stalked someone >> Yes.
    fought with your parents >> Haha.
    been sarcastic >> Yes.
    talked to someone >> HELLO! yea I dont know words. haha thats fucked up!
    hugged someone >> YES!
    laughed until you cried > Yes, all the time in English with Kathleen.
    drank >> Yes,
    been so drunk you blacked out >> no.
    skipped school >> no.
    kept a secret from everyone >> yes.
    wanted to hook up with a friend >> no
    mooned anyone >> yea, kathleen on accident.
    broken a bone >> no.
    got into a fight >> no with punch but verbally
    thought of killing someone >> no,
    thought of killing yourself >> kinda.
    gone skinny dipping >> No.
    told a little white lie >>this is a fucked up specific little question thingy!
    been on tv >> yes, a commercial for banner cheverolet, and the Today show.(in the crowd.)
    been on the radio >> No.
    been to a concert >> Yes.
    loved someone so much it made you cry >> No.
    been on an airplane >> Yes.
    came close to dying >> yes.
    cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend >> no.
    snuck out of the house at night >> no.
    felt like you didn't belong >> Yes.
    felt like the third wheel >> no.
    been arrested >> no.
    had your tonsils removed >> No.
    won a bet >> Yeah.
    failed a class >> no.

    ::: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF :::
    Valentine's day >> um. yay?
    death >> sure.
    suicide >> no
    murder >> um it happens?
    pre-marital sex >> yummy.
    terrorism >> aggervating.
    politics >> annoying and homosexual
    cloning >> umm, depends on how many Kathleens I can make. lol
    britney spears and madonna kissing >> really, gay.

    ::: CHILDHOOD :::
    did you play with barbies >> yes.
    did you play simon > I dont understand this..
    did you watch fraggle rock >> I dont know what that is.
    were you shy >> Yeah.
    were you spoiled >> psh. yeah!
    were you abused >> um, no.
    were you in a car accident >>Yeah.
    did you build snowmen >> nope.
    did you cry when you scraped your knee >> yea
    did you think slinkies were cool > yes they are awesome.
    were your older cousins mean to you >> No, they were awesome.
    did you believe in santa >> yes.
    did you think the ninja turtles lived in the sewer >> I watched the show..
    were you afraid of the dark >> no
    did you have slumber parties >> yeah.

    ::: RANDOM :::
    do you believe in aliens >> No.
    name three things next to your computer >> mouse, me and um phone.
    do you have any hidden talents >> um if its there how can I know I have them?
    are you afraid of roller coasters >> No.
    do you own a pool table >> No.
    do you have a pool >> No.
    how many states have you been to and which ones >> Lousiana. Texas. Ohio. Tennessee. Florida. Georgia. Kentucky. New Jersey. New York. Indiana. Alabama. Mississppi.
    ever wished on a shooting star >> Yes.
    best halloween costume you wore >> I don't know.

    ::: CURENTLY :::
    wearing >> A shirt, and Jeans.
    watching >> nothing.
    listening to >> nothing
    eating >> nothing.
    drinking >> nothing.
    thinking >> About Evan.
    wishing >> I was with him.

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