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chris (ear1ybird) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 16:36:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:William Hung - Hotel California

    Tired & Bored... As Hell
    He wakes up at 4.30am even thought he has 1hr and 20 more minutes to sleep, his breath is bad and he realizes that he didn't brush his teeth, he panics and sees to see what time it is and lays back over. Struggling to remember what happened and how he got in bed he is scared. He wakes up 80min later too a loud alarm only to be rudely awakening to a laugh from dad saying something about william hung. He gets up and is on the bus falls asleep for 1hr and 45min. he wakes up at school only to see (This is where it becomes like big fish) a riot outside with pitchforks and knifes. He says what the fug and is bombarded with many people trying to sell him useless things he doesn't need. He flips the tables over and says what is going on in this catholic school, this is a place of worship. Angered he walks up stairs to begin school, which all seems like a motion-less bore but more interesting and less scarier then sleep. then the bell rings oh school is outttttt. and he is knocked over by the buffalos running to get their stuff. He denied that he is friends with Judas Speir 3 tiimes. Speir is lead to be crucified as the mob throws paper-wads and hits him with rubbers (Bands that is) . He laughs to find out there is still 1 more day of school left, and can't wait for spring break. *So that was my day, more religious than what really happened but i tried to make it fun. I have many things to look forward to such as;

    Arrested.Development.s01e01.Pilot-XVID 233mbs (Widescreen)
    Phillies.Game.New.Season.Game.Two (Tommorow)
    & William.Hung.Inspirational (CD)

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