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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-07-15 08:51:00
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    Beaded factory owner also very supportive of her idea
    Speaking of embroidery, Ai-lan Promises. "Stitch" colorful, three-dimensional sense of strong, distinct, a picture embroidered into the fabric of the background after the full coverage, but in the past embroidery needle spinning method with a pick, and wrought in the fabric is rough outline of the plan, color monotone , usually red yellow-green; in the past Holding a cloth embroidered with the embroidered stretch, and "stitch" sucked in her power rolled cloth embroidered up side, all depends on memory and hand skills; past embroidery is a diagram of a pictures for embroidery and cross stitch embroidery is a color a color. Ai-lan is often a embroidery heads down every time two or three hours embroidery, embroidery was sour shoulder pain, can look more prettier embroidery work from their own hands, however hard and then acid is also pleased. Ai-Lan Chen said he is now hooked on embroidery, technology continues to mature, one size smaller figure chart, embroider just use half of the time,business signs

    now it's only a week, over the past year she has had 25 works of embroidery, two Jiangxi Pingxiang site linked to her husband's hotels, many guests take a look and Doukua Ai-lan manual dexterity. Good horse with a good saddle. In order to have a good frame of each picture to set off, Ai-lan each time to embroider good paintings sent to the city mounted. She said the cost of embroidery is not high, a picture is often less than 50, may be necessary to 45 100 yuan a mounting frame, mounted on their own 25 paintings only spent more than 10 thousand yuan may be Ai-lan continued unabated. Husband Xiao Ma: "You embroidery for a long time, not make money, let alone at home to see what's the use? If bad embroidered eyes and see how you do?" Now Ai-lan does not meet their embroidery, she has a wish: to draw your own stitch technology to market, then the sister organization to do an embroidery village Square. If you have this unusual folk art and unique skills,vector artwork

    interests and hobbies if you cherish these great passion, then you give us a call and let us share your insights and experience.Small beaded a big world - Record Plant, Zhao Lanhua Xiaochang beaded Xiaochang County Metro tailor Zhao Lanhua individual country markets in Guangdong to learn beaded technology, founder of beaded works to return home. Reclaimed materials from the Guangdong, near the farmers will be organized into small beads set Zhu-Hua, promote the town and surrounding rural households more than 1,000 people engaged in cottage industries, the annual income of 200 million, was hailed as the local people get rich on the road of "female genius . " In 2000, Zhao Lanhua and her husband reconciled heaven and earth all year round farm work facing LOESS backs, they decided to open a sewing shop hyochang. As the couple a good sewing skills, but also about the credibility and quality of business more and more prosperous shops. December 2003, Zhao Lanhua to work in Guangdong, where the younger brother visit relatives, embroidery digitizing

    was found in clothing factory where his brother, beaded, determined to let her brother arranged for her next workshop to learn beaded craft. She would like to go home to their women to organize themselves to do their own beaded works. Beaded factory owner also very supportive of her idea. January 2004, beaded plant finally opened up, the first processing beaded although only 10 cloth, but it attracted more than 30 women and sisters are novices. Zhaolan Hua and her husband take turns to teach them through hands-bead embroidery techniques, quality beaded spot checks at any time. Can make money without leaving home, when laid-off women get 409 yuan Chen Chunhua when excited. When working on a beaded, Chen Chunhua was especially happy that she was pleased to everyone they said: "never dreamed I could sit at home and make money!" For some time, then gradually apprenticeship training and sisters, and their Collar material home train an apprentice. As the beaded processing work flexibly and also can get materials home processing, and labor-intensive small and quite, the good news quickly spread of Xiaochang County. Less than six months, in the vicinity and more than 300 women in neighboring townships to join the ranks of hand-beaded, embroidery designs

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