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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-06-01 09:27:00
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    craftsman making Tibetan embroidered school employed craftsman
    thus CLEANCOOL clothing bring the wearer exceptional comfort. CLEANCOOL? The first use of military fields, now has been widely applied to sports and leisure clothing, socks, and other personal areas of clothing for many sports brand wide selection. In 2009, our company participated in the Gulf of Aden to escort mission of the PLA Navy's 167 ships donated 2,500 officers and men with CLEANCOOL yarn as raw materials of high quality T-shirts. These have the moisture wicking, antibacterial and deodorizing functions CLEANCOOL (Kang Lun) T-shirt fabric military convoy formation has been generally praised the officers and men, their beautiful, fresh, breathable, good texture and also to the formation characteristics of the people left berthing places good impression! Xing promise of future construction, "We Xing promisee has the spirit of" science and technology development "as the first" brand "concept for the re-brand products on CLEANCOOL all aspects of R & D and marketing." Technologies and brand are the foundation of the two Solutia Inc. LED signs

    large core strengths, Xing Snow will always carried with them as the basis of marketing strategy! CLEANCOOL brand uphold the concept of outdoor living deep understanding, following the success of the overseas market, after 2010, efforts to increase domestic sales and branding efforts! In and Li Ning, Pathfinder, after brands such as cooperation, CLEANCOOL more proactive outreach and other outdoor products, sports goods manufacturers of cooperation, which is Hing ISPO Solutia Inc. to participate in this event one of the purposes; the same time, CLEANCOOL participate Another exhibition aims to let more outdoor sporting goods terminal large outdoor enthusiast users that have a direct opportunity to learn the most valuable sports brand CLEANCOOL fibers possess unmatched performance to guide their future the purchase of outdoor products, the selection of raw materials produced by CLEANCOOL outdoor sporting goods apparel! "In addition, the media, Hing Solutia Inc. said it will continue to increase cooperation and outdoor information network, embroidery digitizing

    through this cooperation closer to the final consumer products, consumers and businesses to establish good communication between the bridge! With wide dissemination of this healthy outdoor lifestyle and outdoor industry's development, outdoor sports and outdoor supplies will be increasingly perceived by consumers and loved this concept into the Chinese consumer outdoor products industry has brought a vibrant life! in 2010, this trend will continue and the situation was fast developing, Sam said, "Hing 2010, Solutia Inc. for more opportunities for a challenge! "In the outdoor sporting goods trend of rapid expansion, we are positioning the company Hing promise for the majority of enterprises to provide high-end outdoor brands of outdoor sporting goods apparel fabrics, and become the industry's top three!"National Vocational and Technical Schools in Hainan Tibetan embroidery classes guide students employed as a craftsman making Tibetan embroidered school employed craftsman, LED Writing Board

    embroidery classes for the Tibetan thangka method of making students explain the Tibetan embroidered school classes students learn traditional Tibetan embroidered in production skills "Tibetan embroidery" Traditional Chinese embroidery factions of the most influential kind of art, Tibetan-inhabited areas of snow and farming culture and the product of the integration of Tibetan Buddhism. In order to carry forward this rich cultural and artistic folk styles to become farmers and herdsmen, "Cultural increase" effective means, in recent years, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province to "School Enterprise Liaison Office" mode, the state through financial subsidies nation possession of three-year vocational school opened embroidered secondary classes, absorbing the local agricultural and pastoral areas, urban communities to learn Tibetan youth free embroidery production technology, and gradually formed a folk craft of teaching, research, production and marketing of new models of Vocational and Technical Education. LED Message Board

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