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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-05-28 09:19:00
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    The colors in the coarse and heavy Qiang handwoven cloth
    LED signs

    The colors in the coarse and heavy Qiang handwoven cloth, canvas, these brightly-colored peony, peach blossom, moire patterns Jiaoren see stunned: the color was xuan bottom, pink, sky blue and yellow combination is really bold and charming; floating on the white upper strong sense of fashion chic simplicity, but then the clouds clear; bag on a simple but gorgeous white peach suddenly people on this earth ... ... embroidered cloth love the stitch looks extremely volatile like cross-stitching, embroidery series, hook embroidery, Tiaoxiu, bar, etc.embroidery digitizing

    What are embroidered. Immediately call a friend, ask these elegant, simple and stylish design is also the mountains Qiang women out of their wild notion, right? Friends are planning the "Fair" during the devastating earthquake of last year's disaster in the face Qiang Embroidery Embroidery Mother invited the City, the scene showing embroidery skills while also selling products, Sui Ming called "Qiang Embroidery Women's Love Tour in Shenzhen" . Unexpectedly leads to some interesting and thought-provoking story. Friends said that since Jet Li's One Foundation engaged in a "Qiang Embroidery Helping plans," Qiang embroidery around the production, design, marketing and promotion has become a chain. LED Writing Board

    Qiang Qiang women good at embroidery, with the words Feng Jicai style "strong and China and the United States", the Helping Center in Wenchuan, Li County, Mao County neighborhoods such as the Qiang people set up a working site, the recruitment of thousands of Mother in the Qiang Embroidery Embroidery Labor, One Foundation provides funds to cover raw materials, production, transportation and labor costs, many poor families monthly income has doubled and redoubled. "Chang" the word scientist in the eyes of the ancient text of "sheep" and the word "people" mix, so calling them "Xirong the shepherd." LED Message Board

    Has 3000 years of history, derived over many ethnic Qiang, Fei called "a national blood transfusion outside." Qiang is now only 30 million people, and in a few thousand last year, in addition to the Qiang people in Guizhou Tongren, all the Qiang people are almost all victims. Qiang despite fewer, but in folk festivals, oral literature, music, dance, arts and crafts, clothing food and residential architecture has its own unique set of complete, such Resentment of the Qiang Di, magic towers, crisp, taut sheepskin encouraging ... ... of course, beautiful and practical Qiang embroidery. Qiang Qiang embroidery is the intangible cultural heritage list of the six state-level non-material one, regardless of pattern, color, composition, or both acupuncture has a thousand years of accumulation and Qiang Qiang Culture of Life in the ideal taste and expression, strong implication national and local traditional style, tone, combined with delicate skill, both practical and aesthetic in one of its cultural values has always been the world attention.

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