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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-05-26 09:23:00
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    The Royal Society Summer Science exhibition
    The Royal Society Summer Science exhibition, QuantaSol company exhibited semiconductor materials based on III-V solar cells. QuantaSol is a strain balanced quantum well solar cell suppliers, in July 2007 from the Imperial College London, peeling, and the University of solar cells using the IP for the CPV system developers to provide device. Today QuantaSol only two years to develop a conversion they believe the most efficient single-junction solar cells and is the exclusive testing by Fraunhofer ISE, the conversion efficiency as high as 28.3%, more than 500 times brighter spotlight. LED signs

    The company CEO Kevin Arthur said that their technology in the industry, very confidential, this is the first high-efficiency and easy-to-end integrated manufacturing, but also a leap in solar cell industry. Now they are making a big effort, launched in 2010 in the first quarter more efficient multi-junction solar cells. QuantaSol program includes several nano-structure, in which two or more different alloys, so you can get to overcome the current problems in solar cell design is the synthesis of crystals; In addition, it can greatly improve the photovoltaic conversion efficiency.embroidery digitizing

    Compared with the traditional GaAs structures, the nano-structure can reduce the effective bandgap junction, it extended to the infrared region, absorption of a wider range of spectrum. The company in the Thames Valley, Kingston has a R & D laboratories, last week, has just completed a financing worth 200 million euros, is now through to multi-junction solar devices, solar energy is committed to reducing cost of ownership.LED Writing Board

    July 2, 2009, AIXTRON announced the second quarter of this year, again Epistar orders received, order several sets of multiple systems CRIUS ? Close Coupled Showerhead ? (CCS) and the batch-type GaN LED production AIX 2800G4 HT Planetary Reactor ? equipment. Delivery is expected to be completed this quarter. Photo Source: AIXTRON AG branch in Taiwan, a recent celebration, AIXTRON's COO Bernd Schulte, Dr. to Dr. Crystal Awards Nortel President BJ Lee, congratulating each other from AIXTRON purchased 150 sets of equipment. PhD, reflections, "We look forward to it more recently an AIXTRON MOCVD equipment, the arrival of chip and put into use in the near future."LED Message Board

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