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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-05-23 09:06:00
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    In order to accurately, repeatedly
    Last week, Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda, President and Chief President Barack Obama attended a round table held at the White House, focusing on innovative clean energy technologies the United States. This home is located in Durham, North Carolina, the Cree company, has been a leading manufacturer of LED products. In addition Swoboda, there are other areas of seven from the Innovation CEO also invited to meet with President Barack Obama, and discuss the potential benefits of the American economy with clean energy signs

    In order to accurately, repeatedly, in real-time measurement of optical lenses and other optical components of the transmission, the Ocean Optics R & D Center United States invented the optical transmission spectroscopy (OTS). This simple device can measure the ophthalmic lenses, optical coatings, glass and color filters, optical transmittance and UV cutoff, while also reflecting the photochromic and electrochromic sun lens materials. High-resolution miniature linear CCD OTS by the composition spectrometer, the wavelength range between 380-780nm. vector artwork

    The system can be used on the transmission accuracy (+ / -1.0%) and accuracy (+ / -0.1%), laboratory measurement of high demand, measuring the diameter 10-76mm, 15mm thickness of the sample. 20W high power tungsten halogen light source provides stable and continuous power output. The lens offers high resolution parallel beam. Sample to sample positioning and fixtures in addition to the impact of ambient light. Windows software system responsible for the calculation of% T, color and other optical measurements to meet the C, UL, RoHS, WEEE requirements. You can contact Ocean Optics application engineers, according to application needs configuration software. About Ocean Optics is a Halma International Ltd. (Halma plc - subsidiary. embroidery digitizing

    Hammer is an international safety, health and sensor technology leader, the London Stock Exchange listed company in the world with more than 3,600 employees, 40 subsidiaries, fiscal year 2008 sales over 770 million U.S. dollars. Halma's subsidiaries make products for the protection of people's lives and quality of life improved. Through constant innovation, and its products in the market has always been a leader. These products enable our customers to more secure more competitive and profitable. These subsidiaries are many areas in China's booming economy to contribute, mainly manufacturing, energy, water and waste management, environmental, construction, transportation and health industries. Hammer now has a representative office in Shanghai and Beijing, and some of its subsidiaries has been set up manufacturing plants in China.embroidery designs

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