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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-05-06 09:12:00
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    embroidered bedding in the wedding the bride and groom's names
    "I want to embroider Olympic Fuwa." Zhao Yuanhua saw on television the Olympics mascot Fuwa moment, immediately thought of such germination. Urumqi, Yinchuan, who lives in New Street in the urban households do the eight communities Zhao Yuanhua, 65, is an ordinary retired workers. "The first Olympic Games held in Beijing, like my age, to catch this rare opportunity." She hopes to do something to Liugejinian. Zhao Yuanhua usually love playing with hand-on activities, giving itself with this desire, life becomes richer. When Urumqi Olympic souvenir shop with the first when she hurried past, standing at the counter, the way the refinement of Fuwa, and discuss the five Fuwa to bear the image of the picture; preparation materials, she identified and five Fuwa exactly the same color fabric, have really spent a lot of effort. By the end of August, she solemnly began the great significance for her to do. Overtime to embroidered, to November 28 to see Zhao Yuanhua reporter, she has completed the painting. The help of others, she will a long 2 meters wide and 1.1 m of white to start, business signs

    embroidered Beijing Olympic mascots - five Fuwa, lovely, and she came from the boutique to stamp goes on size of the picture drawn Fuwa same. "You see these are gold velvet, several colors to leveling the place I ran a lot." Zhao Yuanhua feeling that pieces of work devoted her efforts told reporters. The top of the five Fuwa also embroidered with the red line: "One World, One Dream." Zhao Yuanhua hope the painting to the National Crafts Exhibition, and then offered it to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, to express my feelings.Fontane wedding bedding embroidered name for the new marriage is a big happy event in life, new home to be able to fully reflect the nature of this celebration. In addition to colors and accessories in the space to make a fuss, and now people still like to use fabric, accessories to create a romantic atmosphere. Hong Kong famous brand bedding Fontane Group Marketing Director Mr. Cui Chuxiao said that in the happy occasion, wedding dress room is undoubtedly the focus, but also quality of life can best embody the new and interesting,vector artwork

    but marriage is the marriage bed of the room visual key. Marriage bed, whether it is red like passion for traditional Chinese, or European-style romantic love simple, bed with all essential goods. In principle, wedding bed and home goods as far as possible consistent with the overall arrangement of colors. Fabrics can select silk jacquard surface, such as printing or embroidery category. Suit, the can choose the traditional pattern, "Erlongxizhu", "magpie Mui", "Dragon and Phoenix sun", can also choose a beautiful flower patterns and so full of implied meaning of. Currently, Fontane wedding bedding launched five series: full jacquard series, jacquard series, Heavy embroidery series, printing series, evening gown series, the color pink, purple, orange, sapphire etc., prepared for the new people more more choice. Meanwhile, in order to meet the individual needs of young people now,embroidery digitizing

    recently launched a wedding Fontane Bedding "free embroidered name service", namely, embroidered bedding in the wedding the bride and groom's names and wedding anniversaries and other special commemorative significance name and date to witness the love of the beautiful, and the new co-sing "for a lifetime 'is' son fly together forever 'name' in mind," the sweet slogans. "Witness the marriage bed is the sweetest moment of life, can love people and their names, wedding anniversary embroidery in the wedding pillow, it will be just as warm and romantic ah!" Soon into the marriage hall of Ms Lau says. November 24, one called "little giant" Yao Ming's portrait embroideries Lake in Suzhou New district towns famous embroidery artists completed the hands of Pu Appraisement. The embroidery high 40 cm, 30 cm wide, the use of more than 200 species of colorful silk, embroidered elaborately made took 120 days. Embroidery on the "little giant" fair complexion and rosy lips, lifelike. Yao Ming's face, and looked very calm and quiet, exceptionally vivid. This embroidery is specialized according to the requirements of a fan made, will be as a gift to Yao Ming. Pu Appraisement display hand-embroidered works - the "Little Giant". embroidery designs

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