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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-01-30 09:47:00
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    following is a detailed description
    Zhuji Hing House Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Manager Han Haiping that the embroidery machine industry ups and downs mainly his "Seasons change" and the relevant factors, the U.S. financial crisis and sharp drop in external demand, or give us a major snow of "cream" Enterprises need to look for from their own reasons, calmly look at what is under their "snow", which is caused by someone else, "cream", identify the root cause of it may be the right remedy, remedy should only be effective and do not leave sequelae. Chen Ming mentioned that in the past three years, the backbone enterprises in the varieties under development at full effort, but the old precision machining, assembly technology, production management, and not much improvement, the reason why the face of such awkward, because most products differentiation was not obvious, to break Bureau, basic skills is the key. LED signs

    "Private enterprise, the boss and level of consciousness is the key, which directly affect the level of the enterprise's production management and quality team, but actually a lot of embroidery machine company for the concept of lean production is still very vague." Hanhai Ping added. Back to square one, from the basic business survival - the quality start to scale new future. There was a business owner said so, the market demand quality and grade of a product, the user is not high grade products, embroidery machines do not need very good quality. For the low-end products, although the maturity of the market will take time, but for producers who can not wait until the markets mature further attention to product quality issues.embroidery digitizing

    Improvement of product quality will not happen overnight, need long-term adherence and accumulation. Companies are not the product quality should be eliminated eventually. "Hing Ho generic and customized software have divided the original few companies offered tailored, through ups and downs, some large enterprises and companies began to offer to jointly develop personalized products." Hanhai Ping said. According to Chen Ming-introduction, well known company is developing a 80 ultra-long computerized embroidery machine, the main technical difficulties have been overcome. Vietnam Long, good music, letters and other companies win increased R & D and new product performance has been optimized inputs. Source: Foreign Sewing Equipment LED Writing Board

    Selected manuscripts trend of Chinese embroidery - "Yearbook of Chinese embroidery," sub-20 series, now published in 239, an average of seven days of a new book! , The only one for the embroidery industry has a book uninterrupted power companies, the following is a detailed description of the book: No: SHOFKW2 categories: shoes, embroidery pattern series Pages: 107 can provide embroidery file: 50 Size: A4 (210mm 297mm) Color: Full color Price: (paperback edition) 200 Yuan / The Note: The book comes with a rechargeable card, net recharge in the Chinese embroidery patterns can be directly download the book of 50 tricks! Click here to download the pattern Description: This book contains a lot of shoes like embroidery patterns, a simple form of a complex-shaped patterns, patterns varied widely fashionable and generous, can be widely used children's clothing, shoes, women boots, men's shoes, leather shoes, shoes, slippers, etc., or other need for a comprehensive design of textiles. LED Message Board

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