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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-01-30 09:46:00
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    creamy white satin library Hand Embroidery Evening
    Ms. Yin to display the "Red Qunfang map" Tian Shan Net News "painting" Red Qunfang map "is a huge stitch finished products, its clear and distinctive, good gloss, no discoloration, can not ball, not easy to break, very clean and beautiful embroidered face, nothing wrong with embroidery embroidery bad. I usually do business than shop, the retired and sit when the basic are embroidered, full use of the 15 months before you get it done. "June 28, worship County Eiko Xiyuan Community self-employed fashion shops to the large crowd gathered, Ms. Yin introduced his masterpiece. business signs

    According to reports, the painting long 2.68 m wide and 1.14 m, the market valued at between 80 thousand to 160 thousand yuan. "Red Qunfang map" up and embroidered long hours, compared to figures of the clothing Kwan Fong figure, the hair style and so much color change, but the paintings around the courtyard surrounded by flowers, a rockery is complicated not only color but also to highlight the level of particularly for frequent needle exchange line. Only painting by the hundreds of different colors on the line to complete. From 2008 onwards, in order to pass the amateur's leisure time, Ms. Yin started to learn cross stitch, cross stitch gradually on the interest generated, from fun. From embroidery insole, pillow, until now this huge embroidered the "Red Qunfang map", not only learned a craft, but also a challenge to harvest happiness. vector artwork

    Following the July Guo Degang, SOHO China opened clothing store, after December 6 Guo Degang operation Devon and Social Sciences Library opened in Sanlitun, the branch set of restaurants, clothing stores, and crosstalk in one theater. Devon's showcase costumes are on display in fur coats, silk embroidery evening dress and other offers for higher quality, the most expensive are a thousand dollars; Devon costumes is taking the Chinese high-end clothing line, where the Tang suit T-shirt and the suit, the price generally located in the 2180 yuan -11580 element, as for customized embroidered apparel plus is out astronomical. (Source: Devon costumes) creamy white satin library Hand Embroidery Evening drilled in black brocade, Ms. Little, Ms. Little Hand Embroidery Evening interleukin drilled in Blue and White Satin Hand Embroidery Evening Ms. color blue pigment satin cheongsam style Caixiu Evening embroidery digitizing

    Guangzhou Fu Health Fashion Co., Ltd., established in 1998. Company established in 1998, engaged in garment and fabric business in 11 years, and now foreign trade, men, fabric, women's four major business. Corporate headquarters located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou. Founded early days just to "create a national network of successful sales, the" SSND "best-selling brand development" as the ambitious goals. SSND2008 on the market, is a clothing company in Guangzhou Fu Health and gravity to create stylish clothing brand, plans to enter the domestic first-line within three years the list of women's brand. embroidery designs

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