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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-01-29 09:14:00
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    artillery, expressed distaste for people
    business signs

    three generations 8 to participate in embroidered. Length 2008 cm, a symbol of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, width 90 cm, is divided into 31 parts, with the embroidery on the way of white brocade embroidered with different attitudes, different colors of peace doves 2008, Fairview map every visible next Olympic Games host country name, hold time and place. Such a mammoth project, with three generations behind the infiltration of the heart nine families, 90-year-old mother also participated in such a big family battle, every day embroidery four pigeons, 8 months old daughter has been involved in the family of 6 engineering, son, granddaughter, also attended by the old people come in probation, vector artwork

    even in peacetime has never done a son to start with rice cooks, take concrete actions to support the project. Figure embroidered patriotic Fairview Fairview giant map on the moral of each pattern are extraordinary, distinctive design, deep penetration with producers patriotic feeling. Brocade embroidered with the words used are all the Green Line, Green Olympics, a symbol of the dove symbol of peace throughout the world. Olympic box each composed of 72 pigeons, a symbol of 72 lines, must borrow and hope the motherland in the Olympic Games athletes have been able to get good results. Full image is divided into 29 sections, each page embroidered next to the basic situation of the Games, the Chinese layout design is in the middle, is three times that of other sections.embroidery digitizing

    China's layout is divided into three parts, the middle part of the design is divided into five elements (from top to bottom are: the first line of embroidered words that The People's Republic of China; the second line is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; third line is the Olympic rings logo ; the fourth line is the full map Tiananmen Square in Beijing; the fifth line of the Olympic mascots. The other two each embroidered with a large Forum dove, full map of two large pigeons flying around Tiananmen Square, representing the two systems. each pigeon embroidered body Olympic bid logo and the Olympic logo, a large dove flying around each plate 28 small doves, a symbol of national unity in the 56 People's Republic of party leadership,embroidery designs

    maintains national, world peace. Tiananmen Square on both sides of the 58 pigeons that China People's Republic of immediately ushered 58-year-old birthday. yearning for peace Fairview plans call for the whole truth to the people of the world map on Fairview, with three very conspicuous, because each pigeon are gray, lifeless. why not? into the micro, because the two world wars had been delayed or canceled three Olympic Games, they specially embroidered with a gray pigeon, pigeons seem lifeless, next to the folder also have planes, tanks, artillery, expressed distaste for people of the world war and hatred. the whole site started in the distance watching embroidery chart, map showing a "peace-loving people to unite together to create a harmonious and beautiful tomorrow,"

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