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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-01-16 09:49:00
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    the textile industry achieved sales revenue of approximately
    LED signs

    give up those who have no market, no production efficiency , thereby reducing the amount of funds used to make limited funds to play a greater role. Only by strengthening the transport cost control and management of a transportation program, you can save transport costs each year more than 100 million. Dance Dance live a good sales this "leading", relying on "leading" role in elevating the quality of production and business operation. Their spirit of "follow the market to switch marketing, production and marketing turn around" principle and the "order is an order, the customer is the sustenance"philosophy, the whole company to work closely around the production and operation. They will be Major Economic Indicators of decomposition implemented in every company in charge of leading the body, from financial security to product development, manufacturing operations from facilities management to rigorous examination of economic responsibility system, while adopting innovative marketing system, improve the settlement, rehabilitation Marketing network, the different levels of management measures to the company's orders for products Founding rates gradually rise, economic benefits, significantly reduced losses in the state. As of the end of November, the company's equipment Founding rate has reached 95%, embroidery digitizing

    in machine orders for product varieties more than 90% market share, product sales rate of more than 100%, respectively, on the stock portfolio and the end of May this year reduces 75% and 45% or more. Has been since July, compared with May before operating the equipment, efficiency is improved by nearly three percentage points, the monthly export growth rate exceeded 40%. Keeping up the pace of market development, new product development as a means to rely on the "three high" products and enhance their competitiveness and development potential. One hand, they give full play to their talent, business, vigorously promote independent product development, on the other hand do a good job outside help to implement the joint development of the article. This year, the company has developed a seven series, 48 upscale green products, to October, the company's products average number of roots and the warp and weft yarn density of total count were increased in May compared with 7% and 3% , gray cloth than the average price increase of 22.9% in May. Held in Dezhou city science and technology awards, the company developed three new product innovation 12 third prize respectively, again a product recently won the Outstanding Creative Award dyed fabrics. Currently they are in Taiwan and the United States were the two companies to develop contacts, will design products from the other side, LED Writing Board

    Germany and cotton with independent intellectual property rights. This enterprise of Taiwan which is employed by Italian and British designers, is now provided for the German cotton jacquard and 46, 15 Dobby product pattern. Products of high-grade, high value-added, high-tech products bring the price increase in order to improve and products. The company's product orders are basically lined up around the Spring Festival, or even individual products have been booked in the first quarter production plans. Source: China Textile Economic Information Networknews from the Jiangsu provincial government on June 1 news conference noted that Jiangsu textile, light industry and two major industrial restructuring and revitalization of the planning framework introduced in succession. From now until 2011, Jiangsu Province will vigorously promote the two industries, brand building, layout optimization and intensive in order to promote development and enhance overall competitiveness. Textiles, light industries are the two traditional industries of Jiangsu Province, in 2008 a total of nearly 1.57 trillion yuan in sales revenue, accounting for scale industries in the province 24%. Among them,LED Message Board

    the textile industry achieved sales revenue of approximately 770 billion yuan, accounting for 23.1%, ranking first in the country; light industry sales revenue of 799.16 billion yuan, accounting for 8.8% of national total, ranking fourth. Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Government introduced steel structure, in Jiangsu Province, textiles, light industrial restructuring and revitalization of the two outline and promote a common brand into its highlights. Industrial restructuring and revitalization of the two separately proposed Plan, 2011, 85 textile industry and striving for famous brand in China, Chinese Famous Brand 25; light striving to 55 brand-name products in China, 50 Chinese well-known trademarks. Steel structure, said textile, light industry and these two industries are labor-intensive industries,

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