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robert (eagle_knight) wrote,
@ 2003-03-21 16:18:00
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    Current mood: aggravated

    ok, last night my mom came upstairs and saw that i was talking online to a girl and she flipped out and unplugged the internet and took the little gizmo that makes it work and hid it in her room! then i got this hour long lecture on why i shouldn't communicate with girls until im done with college! "your too young" and "if you talk to girls your age, they will think you are flirting with them" and "girls are a distraction"! and she was a teeager in th early 70's!! Talk about outdated information!! AHHHHHHHHHH I think i'm going to go insane. then, to make it worse, my dad doesnt want to tell her that she is wrong and so he just goes along with it. my dad is realy cool and all and i love to hang out with him, but anytime he is around my mom he changes a lot. But while she tells me this, my YOUNGER sister has a boyfriend in michigan that she calls and talks to for hours. he is coming out to california sometime soon and SPENDING THE NIGHT AT OUR HOUSE!!!!! but i cant talk to girls, girls are evil, sent from satan to screw with your head. this is realy frustrating! (my mom didnt say screw cause she thinks its a bad word)

    well school went ok and i got a ride home from Mrs. Suth. now i'm home alone, no one's online, my homework is done, and im realy bored. i think i'll go eat something (mr. duenes was right, solution to bordom is eating)
    well the war is going pretty well. here is a pic of the bomb tested in florida.
    deadly dode
    this is what it looks like after it says "boom"
    big boom
    well lets hope we never have to use it and the war ends soon.

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