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Dwynegen (dwynegen) wrote,
@ 2005-01-16 14:35:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:Kid Rock - Self Titled

    Lazy Sunday
    Today is sunday, and we had plans to work on some people's vehicles today but we decided that 10 degrees with no heater was a little too cold. So that will have to be another day. So now we are just lazyin around the house doing laundry and shit. I have about a ton of homework to do but I just have to get in the mood to do it. We stayed out late last night so I'm sort of tired today. We went over to Tony's friend Cary's house and played Yahtzee. It was a good time other then that they just got a new 7 month old bulldog puppy yesterday and I had my puppy with me. I was under the impression that thier puppy was only 3 months old and when I got there I found out that it was actually 7 so there was quite a size difference. Oobie (my puppy) didn't really like the other dog because I think he was afraid that she would eat him so he was being an asshole to her. Oobie is a 3 month old Pomeranian/Tea Cup Poodle mix. He's quite small as dogs go so I'm a little afriad for his safty when large dogs are around more because I think they will step on him or sit on him rather then eat him. Most dogs he's come in contact with are small breed dogs so large dogs sorta freak him out. But most seem to realize that he's a puppy and are pretty gentle with him. Hopefully soon I will have a picture of him available on the computer for you to see. Othen then that not much is going on today, tommorow I have no school (yeah!) because of Martin Luther King Jr. day. I'm sure I'll be writing tommorow. Later!

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