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Dwynegen (dwynegen) wrote,
@ 2005-01-14 14:53:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack - Flash FM

    The Wonderful Legal System
    Well today I had to get up early to go to court with my boyfriend. It all started way back in October when some ass hole tried to merge on to a road (not a highway mind you) without a blinker. Which my boyfriend takes as a personal offense for some stupid reason so he decided not to let him over in front and make him get behind him where there were no cars for at least a mile. Well the guy got pissed and rode Tony's bumper for awhile and then passed him and got in front of him. He continued to break check Tony who rode his bumper for awhile and finally said "screw it" and decided to pass him when he slowed down and moved on because he had to get to work. Well when Tony decided to pass him the other guy swerved and hit Tony's passenger side read panel. So they followed each other for like 1/2 a mile before Tony finally decided to pull over. Smartly Tony didn't pull over immediately because sometimes he has an anger problem and probably would have over reacted. When Tony did pull over as he got out of his truck, two Police units pulled up behind the other driver and got out to inform Tony that HE just hit a Police sergeant and would be receiving a reckless driving ticket in the mail. The two cops who pulled him over weren't even in their jurisdiction and at not point in this whole fiasco were they even near it. Long story short. We've been going to court for this bullshit for almost two months now only to have the sentenced reduced to a Careless instead of a reckless and have to pay a $200 fine. I'm glad that it is finally over but fucking Christ. I HATE that cops think they can get away with anything they want. Like they are some kind of God or something. They are "supposedly" here to "serve and protect" but they sure as hell aren't doing much protecting. They are out busying themselves with arresting people who smoke pot, while people are getting shot, raped and robbed ALL THE TIME. Our tax money goes to support all the prison's and jails that hold marijuana offends while murders are getting out early because the prisons are too full. What a crock of fucking shit. This legal system is so fricken screwed up.
    Ok, Whew! Now that I got that off my chest, off to finish off this wonderful day!! Have a great day!!

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