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CKT one (durbeyfielde) wrote,
@ 2005-02-03 21:49:00
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    Current mood: nostalgic
    Current music:Cake-"Never There"

    Ode to Duffy
    It's been a week since we parted ways. I remember the night I first got you--in March of 2001-it was opening night for Angle Three, two weeks after I almost died when I wrapped my car around the tree--and I was panicked because opening night was NOT going well (a/v problems, remember?). But it all worked out, and Mom picked you up from Don, and brought you to Kenan. Then I drove her, Eric K, and Cori back home, and then Eric, Cori and I went to Lucky 32 for dinner. The first CD I played in my Alpine 6-CD changer was Cake's Prolonging the Magic--we listened to "Never There". I was thrilled with you from the beginning, because I really had doubts about whether I'd be able to drive again, being so scared after the accident with Seamus. I named you Duffy, in the spirit of Irish names, after my neighbor growing up. You were green like Seamus, but a little newer and a little wilder. I got three parking tickets in the first three months that I had you (I know because I found the receipts when I cleaned you out) and numerous ones throughout the last year at UNC. Eric and I had our first kiss in the parking lot of the catholic church where he parked as a PRC employee, in the shadow of the Gimghoul Castle, just after strike from Angle Three--we were listening to Weezer's "Only in Dreams"-just days after I got you. On my 22nd birthday, at my Britney Spears Luau party, Melissa V bought me my first bumper sticker, one that I would later become famous for--and thus rendering my car too conspicuous for drivebys ;) Cori-it read "Your Mom is Hot." In the summer, Danny and I would sing at the top of our lungs--we had a fantastic rendition of "You Outta Know". We bonded over that first year, though I was having troubles with a certain man who shall remain nameless, and I let that man drive you when his car died. Danny solidified the "Danny Green position" in the passenger seat, where the seat position never changed from that moment on--fit to Danny's specifications, in order for him to manuever in and out as easy as possible. Danny also was allowed to drive you, as I had obtained a coveted N4 parking space for the school year, and we carpooled as much as possible, that is to say, when we actually made it to class. I remember September 11th, and driving back to Raleigh to be with my family, and coming back to Chapel Hill, the skies were so quiet--and I saw my first plane in the sky near RDU--I even remember that I had Belle and Sebastian on-"Seymour Stein"...."it's a good day for flying..." I got my first speeding ticket in you the day after Cue to Cue for Warrior--I was stressed out with the show and Matt, and wasn't paying attention, I freaked out. I was going 55 in a 25, but the Carrboro policeman lowered it. And into 2002, when I don't remember half of the stuff that happened to me, I had you to depend on, I started a new job, and listening to B&S, Norah Jones, Ryan Adams, Tift, Jimmy Eat World (I think I wore Clarity out), just anything to dull my pain. I hit a deer coming home one night, on the same road that I had my accident--but I think he just bounded on--there was deer hair all over the front bumper. I got myself together the summer of 2002, met Scott and started dating, and he drove you all the time. And then I added my 24 and 17 stickers, got you all NASCAR-ed out--with my two racecars inside and the shell from the beach after Scott and I started dating. I got my 2nd speeding ticket on 540 on my way to work--going 78 in a 65, and Scott took me to the courthouse to settle it. I drove you constantly, just to clear my head, just to get away, just to be safe. Cori and I took you to the beach in the summer of 2003, I gave you the CKTONE plate (one of my most favorite things), Nick and I started dating--we had matching color cars. I never had a serious problem with you--no mechanical things, no flat tires like with Seamus, just the regular stuff. I gave you the "Boys are Smelly" sticker and more recently, a Robert Earl Keen "Accept No Substitutes." Last winter, a year ago, I lost control of you on the slick highway at the Davis Drive exit on 40, spinning into the Jersey barrier, but all that happened was a scuff mark on the left bumper and a cracked UNC plate on the front which I never replaced (it was the 2nd one I've smashed). After Nick and I broke up, it was me and you again. You were there when Dain and I hooked up and then later this summer, you carried me late in the night to Randy's, were witness to out illicit acts hahaha. I missed you both times I went to NYC and longed to be home to drive you because after a week of public transportation, the freedom afforded by you, the luxury of just getting up and going can never be replaced by the convenience of the subway. We've been to concerts, to and from work, parties, funerals, sad occasions, trysts, movies, plays, art museums, putt putts, and lord knows how many trips to Targets all across the Triangle. You've met people and dawgies. You guided me through bad weather-two hurricanes and several snowstorms and countless bad rains and thunderstorms. Two weeks ago in the snowstorm, in the 6 hrs trapped in gridlock, you were my strength, you didn't quit on me, you rose to the occasion. You were a good driving buddy for almost 4 years, and I have many many memories, happy and sad, of you. I cleaned you out last Friday afternoon before I took you to Brad, and I found so many things--my toolbox with all my spike tape, the juggling ball I stole from Red Noses, a toy from the KinderEgg Sonya brought back from Spain, my Mee-Maw necklace from my first American Girl Club meeting, my N4 parking permit, one of Sonya's "presents", directions to Todd's old apt, directions to Ruishon's, the program from the Azalea festival, crumbs from the blondies I dropped at me and Matt's Holiday party, Matt C's wedding announcement, my wrist bracelet from the JLC concert Dan and I went to before he left for LA, and the letter from Mark that to this day, makes me cry and makes me remember what a friend is. I remember after Ryan Adams's Love is Hell, part 2 came out, I put all 6 of his albums in the cd changer and didn't change them for like 3 months. So many memories I have, it was tough to part, Duff. Faolan will do his best to succeed you. Thank you for every last moment.

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