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Nic (dude_zalady) wrote,
@ 2006-05-16 10:48:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:It Matters To Me

    The Claw

    Tina moved out today. Day before my graduation. She took her movies and her clothes. She took the Boston hoody… the Boston hoody. U know THE one that she was wearing the first time we ever met, the one she was wearing the first time we kissed, the one she sprayed with her perfume and I slept with the arms of it wrapped around me every night she was away in April when her pop pop passed away, the one she left me last time she left me… the one I slept with after she left me, she took it this time. I’m just waiting to see Kenna wearing it around… THE Boston hoody…

    She told me on our first date, to 50 First Dates, that she was going to marry a girl who could win her things out of the crane machine. So, I walked over, put a couple quarters in that claw machine at the mall and won her a little white teddy bear with a heart in the middle and signed it on the bottom with the date and my name… Since then I’ve won about six things out of the crane machine for her, including a KU teddy bear that took like five different times at the crane machine of winning tickets to get it at the arcade place. She left it here, left it sitting on the book shelf, yep. Told me she’d marry the girl who could win at the crane machine, I won, and won, pretty much every time I’ve put quarters in there I’ve won at that thing for her, but I guess we’re not getting married huh?? I guess I’m not quite good enough, seems to be the story of my life - Nyk

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