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norma (drumturtle) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 14:47:00
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    Current mood:groovy
    Current music:dont know the name but its cool

    relieved and scared
    more and more people have been told about me and ashley thats cool i dont like to hide what i feel even if i wanted to the times we spend are preciouse so i have no time to waste on thinking about others critisisme(dont know how to spell)the fact that all these guys all of a sudden like me and out of all of them i choose a girl is pretty funny but its worth it cuz no one loves me like she does sergio was telling me that he was jelouse and that he was asking ashley what she did to get me thats fuckin funny. i never imagend that from meeting this girl it would lead to this .its hella cool that my x is cool with all this i wish i could just walk around holding hands with her but that might lead to things like my parents knowing but when ever i can i will i love being with her and i love freaking people out i cant waite till my parents go back to work so we can spend time together damm i need a fuckin job i have no money to buy me new materials for new outfits for next year. hopefully things get better around the house and my parents get money to spare. fuck yeah baby i got a ticket to go see manson fuck i love sergio to bad for him he cant have me as more than a friend. but im happy with my girlfriend.i feel bad cuz i havent told penny but i will today.
    right now im just having fun and livin life.

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