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norma (drumturtle) wrote,
@ 2003-06-19 01:28:00
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    hell and confused
    im happy about coming back to L.A cuz of penny but i miss ashley shes cool
    i had no friends now i have like three best friends
    its pretty dam confusing the love that i fell for each one of them
    but im not afraid to lose them bacause it wold be nothing new to be alone but its hella cool to have them
    i went to the mall today to take some pictures with penny but i didint like any of them
    while they were developing i walked around with cristian hes my cousins/best friends boyfriends cousin (wierd) hes pretty cool ive liked him scince i was in eight grade but never got the guts to do anything about it i never though he would like me but his cusin told my cousin that he finally came out with it and told him that hes liked me scince the second time he saw me thats fuckin cool even though its a little fuckin late
    he even finally got the courage to ask me for my # i cant belive hes going to actually call me all the way to vegas thats a little to much but thats ok
    ive known alot of people thru out my life with crazy sad lifes but ive learnd so much about cristian thru out these past days and his life beats everyone ive ever known in sadness, stupidity, crazyness and hatred
    i fell bad for him and hope that i can help him in some way
    my cuz and her boyfriend want me to get with him but im not sure bacause i like him and all but i also like someone else but im not sure in exactly what way
    sometimes i wish that there was more of me so i could help everyone and save them from there twisted lives
    but theres not so ill try my best
    i was perfectly happy over here except for my missing secret
    until my parents came over and brought there bicthy disapointed hating anything related to me attitude along with them
    fuck its funny but i stil fell stupid about ending up in the hospital over drinking i dont feel bad just stupid for getting cought in one of the most stupidest ways possible but i dont regeret it it was some what fun
    (sorry for the inconvinience to some)
    heelll yeah manson is on its the new video from his new single fuck hes so god damm hot id go down with him anytime
    this whole grounded shet sucks i pretty much fucket up my life in vegas for the summer
    and ill probably fuck it up even more cuz im planning to sneak out for the manson show
    thanks to cristians advice i mightest well got ahead and have fun

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