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Drugs Bunny (drugsbunny) wrote,
@ 2003-03-12 23:35:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    The GoodBye

    So um ya...I know a few posts ago I talked about leaving the online life. Well um it starts tonight. I have a new email address now and I'll be changing my Yahoo and AIM names as well. There is so much going on in my mind right now...I will miss everyone...but tis for the best. NOT ONE FUCKING person messaged me when my messenger name popped up as "Blocks everyone Bye" or whatever I made it. I spose I didn't expect much from young people whose main concern is having fun and being as immature as possible. That don't go for everyone, but the majority. So ya whatever. I try so hard to make a chatroom cool, and make a group cool and they barely get used. All the fucking hard work and hours I put in to trying to make that shit the best it can be goes to waste...and for who?! People who seem to give it the time of day when they have nothing better to do. I know I can't compete with people younger than me who have better things to do than I do, but it still bugs me in a way. Ugh...I don't know where to go. I hate fucking Men4Men cuz its full of a bunch of old men! LGY is the only place where you can chat with both genders around your age. And I don't wanna go there nor can I. Well I spose I could, but I dont want to base a friendship on lies. So I made my own room, but I sit sometimes for up to 3 hours until someone other than a spammer visits and stays for longer than a minute. I wish there was a popular and busy chat where both boys and girls go like LGY. For some reason the one I made sucks, so I'll go to someone elses.

    This is so off the point but its the main thing on my mind right now. There is much more to it, then just some stupid chatroom. But I feel good about starting over. I can build new and meaningful friendships. People who will actually give a fuck if a friend was thinking of blocking them. I am sounding like such a pathetic loser, I got so many people on my messengers, yet barely talk to any of them...and at teh same time want to be best friends with them all. So starting over will be cool, so I can start from the beginning and meet people who like hold conversations about things and do more than be immature. And like I said there are more reasons, but this is the main stuff on my mind right now. If I feel like it later I'll post more. So ya I'll still post here to update my life. But with in a week, everyone will move on with their lives and forget there ever was a Rich. So ta ta kisses n hugs and all that shit.

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