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Thomas (drowned_world) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 21:04:00
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    Hey People,

    Sorry there was no entry yesterday.

    I've been rather busy so I will fill you in briefly on whats been happening.

    Yesterday, my National Insurance Card came, I think that was a big hint that I should start looking for a job, I already know where I am going to get my small part time job.

    I had a long chat with Sophia, really good to speak to her again, she had to get off the line as her meal had come [she was at a pub], surprisingly she had ordered scampi and chips!

    Now, I know this may sound highly pathetic but that is the only part of yesterday I can remember, I swear I have short time memory loss.

    Except, last night before my sisters and my step dad were in bed I went in sat on the end of my Mum's bed with Poppie and had a really good chat, we talked about things and we mostly talked about Nan, it makes a change that we weren't arguing for one.

    Oh yeah, I ordered the USA CD of Jessica Simpson's ' In This Skin ' of, for only £8.99 [including 9&p], I know I said I would wait until the Uk release but I am not prepared to wait longer than I have to for material that is already avaliable, I will still buy the UK cd when it comes out as it will probabily have additional tracks and PC extra's, and hey £8.99 is very cheap!

    More weirdly, last night I had a very bizarre dream, My dream began as me being in an episode of ' Bad Girls ', it just began with my walking across a landing and seeing Yvonne Atkins, I ran over to her and asked if she was ok and how the hell she got out of the prison volt, before she could anwser I was somewhere else and for the love of me I cannot remember it, I managed to re-tell all my dream this morning to me Mam but I can't remember it now, OH WELL!

    Today, I was quite happly lying stroking Poppie [9:04am] when Bridget (our neighbour) knocked on our door like a police man to give us some money of tokens fo tesco, I knew walked Petulia, I mean Poppie or *chi*wa*wa!

    Cutting most of the morning and some of the afternoon short me, me mam, amie and lauren were in Camberley for 3.00pm, I got some sandles (they didn't have the shoes I have posted on here in my size *surpise surprise*) and Lauren got some new shoes, Amie created mary hell round there as she wanted the new england kit, we also got some bits and bobs for the holiday.

    We all had some really nice lunch in Burger Queen, it was really quiet in there; only about 10 people in the whole shop and the food was pipeing hot!

    Came home and before I could get in the door Bridget invited me into her house to show me her newly decorated hall, hallway, lounge and kitchen, it was quite....something. Anyway, came home and hung around downstairs went on the trampoline with Amie and then came in and listened to some music.

    I then came online, I'm really pissed off my MSN isn't working, it keeps on telling me there is a HTTP Proxy error, just like concorde way above my head - can't and don't know how to resolve it.

    Earlier, I had brought some hair condition packet [49p jobbie] because my hair has gone bit dry and brittle, and I had a few spilt ends, I put on this bright orange vile smelling conditioner, which everyone laughed at, washed it out and then put on this sweet but sleek sureme, meh.

    Kirstie came over, I was really pleased to see her as she had knocked earlier but I had to turn her away as I had the hovering to do plus have a shower and then go to camberley.

    I then watched eastenders, and talked to Hannah and Harriet [did I mention that they came in along with Paul and Courtney?]

    As my lunch had been late in the day and rather large I only had a 99p packet meal as a snack'o'dinner, I chatted with Kirstie while eating my rank packet meal.

    I have just found out that there is infact nothing wrong with my proxy IE's, the MSN is playing up all over the place, oh well - try later!

    I'm listening to Kelly Osbourne's CRAPPY SHITTY cover of Madonna's song 'Papa Don't Preach' It's grown on me, BUT Madonna's is still and always will be better.

    I'm on the Jessica Simpson message board at the moment, the sales for the second week, which are beingg re-counted every five minute, which are currently at 73.45% are being certified to determin the new charts, so far since Tuesday last week Jessica has sold 23,552 albums.

    Right now, I'm just chatting to a few people and listening to some music, Kirstie is on my bed reading some magazine and doing some quiz ya'self milarkie.

    Anyway, over and out.

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