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Thomas (drowned_world) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 18:06:00
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    The Land Of Confusion, and Shopping!
    Hey Peeps,

    I’m having a rather good today – with a few minor exceptions.

    I had a good nights sleep with a few bizarre dreams!

    I got up at something past 10 and got some breakfast, chatted to my Mum and did some cleaning up.

    Kirstie came over and stayed for a while, we watched Home Alone 3 had some tea and read some magazines, she left later to go and see Justin.

    As I told you me and my family are now a member of eBay, I bided this morning for a Madonna poster, which was only issued to the UK, an advertising poster in mint condition, I am still the highest bidder. I hope I get it!

    My Madonna CD is getting sent out today, so that should be here for Wednesday.

    I was about to get into the shower earlier and I got a call, it had an unrecognised number calling, so it just showed the number, I answered it and this lad said ‘Hi, did you order a blow up man, yeah you did, we have It here, it has a 13”’ I couldn’t be asked with it so I just said ‘Right, fuck off and next time your going to prank me withhold your number’. As I had their number I sent them a text saying ‘Shove that 13” up your arse as it will hopefully shut you up as it’s clearly the oarfish your talking out of, go prank someone else you anti-social wanker.’ I didn’t get a reply, so I think that put them right, found out later that the number was of one of my friends and someone had taken their phone.

    Anyway, I had a shower and got dressed and then went to the cemetery to put some flowers down for my Nan, I went with me Mam and Lauren, it was hard but I didn’t cry until we left, I just miss my Nan so much and I just cant understand why everything nice I have is taken away from me. When my Mum went pack to the car with Lauren I saw a card on my Nan’s grave, it was from her birthday – my Mum had put it there, my Mum told me to throw away the card as it was old and damp, I tore off the inside of the car as it said ‘To our darling Mum, “Happy Birthday” where ever you are, I hope you are happy and at peace with Dad. I miss you more than words can ever say. A lovely Mum, we will never forget all the happy times we had together, god bless you Mum, I love you so much, with all my love Jeane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ That was wrote on the inside of the card, I feel so sorry for my Mum she isn’t even 40 and she doesn’t even have a Mum or a Dad, I wish there was something I could do which would cure all the grief that we still have, we all have no regrets and no Nan is now in a better place but I think I will never understand the relationship my Mum and Nan have from studying the impelled effects of my Nan’s death on my Mum. I don’t think I have fully come to terms with my Nan’s death; I refuse to believe she is dead – if my Nan survived lung problems, curacies, diabetes, depression, siroccos of the liver and loads of other things which meant her talking incline and pills everyday and the routine of having to eat every 3 hours she is a fighter, and if my Nan is a fighter she wouldn’t not of giving into Rheumatic Fever and a infected heart valve, she would not let a illness kill her, she isn’t read; she is doing things in another way.
    After we left the cemetery we went to Tesco.

    I got Kelly Clarkson’s album ‘ Thankful ’ it’s really good, I’m listening to it now.

    Here it is -

    I also got a few new shirts for the holiday, a new suitcase, and for school I got a ring binder; Polly pocket sleeves; a A4 refill pad and subject ringer binder dividers. I know it seems a lot put I need it! Oh yeah I got a facemask thing to help keep skin clear.

    Urrrrgh, I forgot to tell you, yesterday I got brought an ouster ice cream, I couldn’t eat it, it had what was meant to be chocolate sauce on it – well the sauce tasted like a mix of Guinness, vinegar, slug repellent, benerlin and baby bio – it was rank; I threw the ice ream away!

    Anyway, got to go, dinner’s ready!

    ‘I look into your eyes, and I see it coming through’ – Kelly Clarkson ~ Anytime

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