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Thomas (drowned_world) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 14:21:00
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    Hey People,

    Yet again I have realised that I have been really short, blunt, un-detailed and rather pathetic in my last few journal entry’s.


    Firstly, I am really annoyed; I missed the Jessica Simpson chat on MSN. I stayed up till 1am but I must have got the timing wrong as when I logged on the chat was finished.

    I got to sleep quickly but then was last woken up at 5:35am by my dog who knocked my glass of water over, which incidentally went all over my pillows, for fucks sake.

    I shouldn’t complain about my dog, Poppie as at the moment and especially today she has been acting really strangely I think she may have food poisoning or a stomach bug or maybe she’s in season, I don’t know but she is acting strange and isn’t eating all she is doing in sleeping.

    On another note the builders are almost finished, the fence will be done by today, this time round the fencing is a really nice brown and is support by international pine beams and the pillars are proper concrete, it’s be built very well and is a bit higher so we have more privacy, but why’d we need it? It’s not like we are going to do anything interesting in our garden.

    Me Mam has been rather quiet today as well, I find it rather funning this morning, I was standing on the landing and she walked past me to go down the stairs, I was messing around and threw myself into the wall over acting, as I hit the wall by bare skin smacked again the wallpaper and my jumped, she said THOM! I said what?? She goes you just frightened me! Sounds sad but I found it highly funny, Mwa!

    I had the new webtabix ceral for breakfast and then snuggled up with Poppie, watched some Gimme Gimme Gimme, and than Amie friends knocked and her and Lorena went out, strangely Kirstie knocked at the door, came in and had some breakfast, we listened to Madonna’s greatest hits, had a chat and she told me how she had seen a really bad fight down South Hill Park last night, a guy was being beaten shit less as he stopped a rape attack.

    I’ve just got out of the bath and the fence is almost finished, like everyone is on the trampoline, I’m going to do a quick web surf, get dressed then grab something to eat, I’m staying out tomorrow night and I have to go out with my God-Mother during the day.

    Meh, think there is something wrong with me haven’t ordered anything online for about 1.5 weeks! Eeek!

    Oh, Jessica Simpson is prediocted to sell 60,000 copies of her album this week, like go her! **Crosses fingers for 300,000 copies sold!!!**

    Anyway, might catch you later!!!

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