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i lick stamps (droo) wrote,
@ 2005-02-05 02:34:00
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    oh yea, valentine's day is just a holiday made up by greeting card companies to get you to spend $$.
    so i'm scheduling a date to go pick up my keys for my new apartment, and the lady's like, how about the 14th?
    sure, fine.. that's what, a monday?
    she says, "YES VALENTINES DAY!!!!"
    i say, "if it's a monday that's fine, i just have to come before work and pick them up because i work all day."
    yes. yes i am. because it's a monday just like every other monday, and every other monday i work all day. only difference is this particular monday i will be waking up 30 minutes before i go into work to drive over here and pick up my keys.
    she laughs uncomfortably, probably thinking i'm still kidding around that i'm really not doing anything.
    i laugh, wishing the conversation would be over and asking her a question about my actual move-in date.

    fast forward to tonight, when melissa is like, "OMG SO WHEN DO YOU WORK ON VD?" "all day, it's a monday. i work every monday all day." "WHAT?! YOU MEAN YOU'RE NOT COMING OUT WITH ME AND ROGER?!" "hmm.. let's see. one single person to a couple.. on valentine's day.. i think i'll pass, thanks." "WHAT, DON'T BE ALL DEPRESSED, YOU'RE COMING OUT WITH US, I'LL FIND YOU A DATE"
    whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa now.. first off, i'm not depressed. i'm simply saying i'm not going to be a single person invading a couples' date on valentines' day. that shit is not for singles. secondly, i'm definitely not going on a blind date with you guys to make you think i'll feel better. "IT WON'T BE A BLIND DATE, YOU CAN MEET HIM BEFORE." i'm sorry, i thought i meant to say no. did i say no? oh, well then no. no? no. what? no. wh-NO.

    so it is now melissa's mission to make me a happy person on valentine's day. i've tried explaining to her that i will not be any more happy or sad on that day, because it is not really a holiday. it's just like every other day. but she doesn't understand that: she wants me to go out on a date with her and her boyfriend. that is completely and utterly not happening.

    it's now almost 3 am and i still haven't found my math homework cd and i'm giving up and going to bed.

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