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Danielle (drinktilurdrunk) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 21:39:00
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    well i dunno wat to say? havnt been on lately sis and me got into a big fite. i hate my fuckin family thay bug me so fuckin bad. not to mention my SO CALLED best friends. ne ways i went to see sis's ultra sound. it was really neat to see tha babi. i mean its werid to think that tha babi was really in her tummy lmao. but yea shes havin a babi gurl and i guess thay wanna name it abrianna devanna (i dont kno how to spell it but u get tha point) i wanted a boi tho. but yea my so called friends hav been really pissin me off lately. i mean beth and me arnt even close ne mo or sumthin we hardly talk ne mo she's to busy fo me but i dont giv a fuck. and then another friend has jus been actin like a jackass ...rather not say tha name? but yea its been a really hard week been missin mom really bad considerin thanksgivin and x-mas are here and shes not but yea i apoligize ta ne one if i acted like a flat out BITCH. but b in my shoes ight ne ways i guess ill split n be miserable cuz tha only thangs that could make me happy wont eva happen:( until nxt time i guess

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